BBC EastEnders cafe fire victim ‘confirmed’ — and fans will be heartbroken over ‘death’

EXCLUSIVE: EastEnders has been rocked with a devastating fire at Cathy’s iconic cafe - and now AI has rumbled which Walford resident might not make it out alive

EastEnders’ cafe fire victim has been exposed by AI and fans – and it’s not looking good for the Beales.

As fans will recall Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) has found himself in serious debt recently. Under pressure and desperate for cash, concerns have been growing on how he can pay back his debtors.

However this week, Rocky resorted to extreme lengths to get some cash. In a bid to claim money on insurance, he set fire to his wife Kathy’s Beale’s cafe.

The devastating blaze rips through the Walford landmark run by Kathy (Gillian Talyforth). But in typical soap fashion, someone gets caught up in the catastrophe.

Bobby attempted to put out the fire

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In Thursday’s shock episode (November 9) viewers watched with their jaws on the floor as the fire engulfed the cafe. And things only took a dramatic turn when Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) spotted the fire.

In an attempt to save his gran’s business, he rushed inside to try and put it out. He managed to quell some of the flames with a fire extinguisher.

However, suddenly another explosion ripped through the building, trapping Bobby inside the burning building. Peter Beale (Thomas Law) then raced in to save Bobby with Rocky.

Peter attempted to try and save Bobby (Image: BBC)
However, the pair ended up trapped and Rocky subsequently lost consciousness. The firefighters soon arrived though and Rocky later regained consciousness at the hospital.

But for Bobby and Peter, the brothers ended up in a bad way. At the end of the episode, a heartbroken Kathy was told that her grandchildren were fighting for their lives.

Now, it’s been claimed Peter could end up dead from the devastating fire. Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent “creative” tools Bard AI, to see if Peter or Bobby could die in the fire.

AI and fans reckon Peter won’t make it alive (Image: BBC)

The program responded: “Bobby and Peter are both popular characters, so their deaths would be a major shock to viewers.” But Bard AI then claimed killing off one of them would “raise the stakes” and “keep viewers guessing.”

The system explained further: “It is possible that Peter Beale could be a victim. Whether or not Peter Beale dies in the cafe fire will depend on the writers of the show. However, based on his history of being involved in dramatic storylines, it is certainly possible that he could meet his demise in this way.”

Kathy was horrified at the scenes

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What’s more, fans watching the horror unfold also shared their thoughts that Peter could die over on X, formerly known as Twitter. One fan said: “Peter definitely isn’t waking up.”

A second fan said it could tie in with his girlfriend Lauren Branning’s upcoming return. They said: “Thinking it’ll be Peter that dies as isn’t jac Jossa coming back into it soon.”

A third shared: “Please don’t kill of Peter!” A fourth also penned: “OMG! Do they survive? I expected Rocky to be in there when the cafe went up, but I didn’t know Bobby & Peter would be.”

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