BBC EastEnders café scene ‘foreshadows’ how Keanu’s body will be found after telling comment

EastEnders may have teased how Keanu Taylor's body will be discovered at the café in the future on the BBC soap, after a conversation between the builders working on the venue

BBC EastEnders café scene 'foreshadows' how Keanu's body will be found  after telling comment - Mirror Online

EastEnders’ latest episode teased what could lead to the discovery of Keanu Taylor’s body, after a comment about the café where he is buried.

Keanu was murdered on Christmas Day by Linda Carter on his wedding day to Sharon Watts, after he tried to strangle his partner during a row. After their wedding was called off when Sharon learned Keanu had betrayed her in a kidnap plot, she told him that he was not the real father of her son Albie.

As Keanu attacked Sharon, Linda, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale and Denise Fox tried to stop him only for him to turn violent, while Suki Panesar was out the front of the pub trying to revive her husband Nish Panesar, who had been attacked by Denise. Linda stabbed and killed Keanu and The Six made a pact to cover up the crime.

The police believe Keanu attacked Nish, who survived, and is now on the run. Of course viewers and The Six know that Keanu is actually buried under the floor of the café, with them covering the hole in the ground with cement ahead of building works starting there.

EastEnders' latest episode teased what could lead to the discovery of Keanu Taylor's body

EastEnders’ latest episode teased what could lead to the discovery of Keanu Taylor’s body 

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On Thursday night, the episode showed the builders making their way into the café to start fixing up the building. With the floor having been destroyed, they were pretty surprised to walk in and find that the gaping hole was now filled with cement.

This had been on their agenda for the day, but they realised someone had beaten them to it. Instead of questioning this though, one of the builders suggested it had saved them a job and seemed to be okay.

But it was something the builder said that may have given a huge hint as to how Keanu’s body will be uncovered. He told the rest of the group: “Well, whoever did it might have saved us a job… if they did it right that is.”

Will Keanu's body be found"

Will Keanu’s body be found? 



As they laughed and walked away, it was clear that any changes to the floor would depend on whether the women’s attempts at cementing the hole by hand were good enough. Given viewers were baffled by them suddenly knowing how to create and set cement, is it bound to go wrong at some point?

Could the comment be a major hint that something will go wrong, or that the floor could break apart if not completely cave in at some point? If it does, then surely Keanu’s body will be discovered.

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