BBC EastEnders’ Dean Wicks’ Christmas death ‘sealed’ – Linda’s revenge, forgotten Denise link & huge return

EastEnders villain Dean Wicks made a huge return earlier this week that has put him front and centre as a possibility for the Christmas death later this year

Dean Wicks made a huge return to EastEnders this week – putting him front and centre as a Christmas death candidate.

Matt di Angelo’s character returned to Albert Square earlier in the week, seven years on from his exit after raping Linda Carter in harrowing scenes. It was thought that he would never come back to Walford – but with Mick Carter gone, having ‘died’ last Christmas and his daughter sick in hospital and needing somewhere to stay, he has no choice.

Speaking about his return to the East End, Matt said: “In all honesty, he doesn’t want to come back to Walford. He’s sort of forced back there because his daughter, Jade is very ill. She has cystic fibrosis and needs a transplant, which has to be done at the hospital nearby. Dean has to live there so he’s on call for her appointments and in case the transplant comes through, and they need to move fast. He’s reluctant because he knows the repercussions of returning, but ultimately, he has to help his family. Dean also needs to make a living whilst he’s there, so he’s invested in a new business, which will be revealed as Cindy and Ian’s new pie and mash shop, Beale’s Eels.”

However, his sudden return has caused a huge stir – and has put him number one candidate to die this festive season.

Someone dies this Christmas

Someone dies this Christmas 



Linda’s revenge

Linda, of course, is desperate for Dean to disappear – and that could end in his death this Christmas.

She is no doubt terrified of him and some fans are convinced she could take her revenge one step further. Linda is in “deep deep shock” about Dean’s return, with actress Kellie Bright – who plays Linda – saying: “He is the last person that she expected to see walking through the door of her kitchen. He’s in her home and in the exact room where he raped her. She obviously goes into complete shock, and her body is filled with adrenalin. She is absolutely terrified, above and beyond anything else. It doesn’t matter what Dean’s saying, as Linda is in fight or flight mode from the moment he appears.”

Linda got the Halloween shock of her life when Dean returned

Linda got the Halloween shock of her life when Dean returned 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

A telling comment Linda made recently revealed a huge motive for the Christmas death, as she said she wanted him out of Walford for good. But could this mean he ends up dead on Sharon’s wedding day?

Denise link

Many viewers may have forgotten that Dean and Denise actually have some history too. Dean might not have been in Walford for seven years but that doesn’t mean he’s not got a past with other characters too.

Denise actually has a huge reason why she might not like Dean. All the way back in 2007, the pair even shared a semi-familial connection with Denise being his sort of stepmother at one point. Dean met Denise’s daughter Chelsea when he nearly ran her over, and later the pair bonded over Chelsea’s wish to get back against Sean Slater.

Could Dean's past with Foxes give Denise a motive for murder?

Could Dean’s past with Foxes give Denise a motive for murder? 



Helping her, Dean tried to assault Sean but he fought back, and the pair then both had their reasons to get back at Sean. Swearing their revenge, they framed Sean for the assault of Patrick Trueman by hiding the CCTV footage that would have exonerated him from the crime, leading to Sean being imprisoned. From jail, Sean gets his revenge and has Dean attacked. When the CCTV is found by Carly, she hands it to police and Sean is released, with Dean and Chelsea arrested for perverting the course of justice.

Could Dean’s previous connection with Denise’s daughter Chelsea be a reason for revenge?

Huge return

Shirley is set to make a huge return

Shirley is set to make a huge return 


BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

There have been some rumours that Shirley Carter could be making a return to the soap soon. She left in sad scenes at the end of last year after struggling with the death of Mick Carter, but a picture Linda spotted of her and Dean proved the pair were back in touch.

On his return, Dean revealed to Linda that Shirley had been struggling since Mick’s death. Soap boss Chris Clenshaw has teased that Shirley – played by Linda Henry – will be back. He revealed: “Linda Henry is currently on a break from the show. Shirley walked out of Walford last year with Lady Di in the wake of Mick’s disappearance, but it won’t be the last you see of her.”

Could Shirley make a huge return at Christmas just to kill Dean? There have been suggestions that actually all six of the women aren’t involved in the murder and just walk on it happening, and could that be Shirley killing Dean? In Linda’s trailer, she can be seen clearing up the blood – and if Dean is dead, she would want to keep things quiet, given she’d be the one with the most motive.

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