BBC EastEnders’ Dean Wicks’ daughter: Who is Jade’s mum Shabnam and is the actress returning?

EastEnders' Dean Wicks' daughter Jade was revealed to have been ill in a recent episode, but who is her mother Shabnam and will she return to the BBC soap after Dean's comeback?

EastEnders’ Dean Wicks, formerly known as Deano, made his big return to the BBC soap this week with worrying news about his daughter Jade.

The villain was last onscreen in 2016 after he fled Walford, told to leave by his father Buster. Dean had raped his sister-in-law Linda Carter in 2014, but evaded justice. As the Carters feared him being around, and with a showdown involving Dean’s mother Shirley Carter and brother Mick Carter, he was told to leave and never return.

Prior to this, viewers learned a huge baby twist that had actually begun in the early 00s. Dean found out during his second stint in Walford that he was a father and had a baby daughter he had no idea about. Back in 2008, there was an offscreen and unexposed fling between Dean and another character that resulted in a pregnancy.

It wasn’t until Shabnam Masood returned to the show in 2014 and Dean made his own comeback in this same year that it emerged the pair had slept together in secret, and Shabnam welcomed a baby girl. Dean was told this news in 2014, years later, and Shabnam claimed their baby had sadly died.

Shabnam, the daughter of former characters Masood Ahmed and Zainab Masood, had actually placed her daughter up for adoption. When Dean found out the truth, he was shocked to learn his daughter suffered from cystic fibrosis with Shirley telling him his daughter needed him.

Jade soon visited and it didn’t go to plan, while Dean and his family begged Shabnam to help them get custody of Jade. After a tragic baby loss, Shabnam decided she wanted to be a part of Jade’s life and wanted custody. Shirley and Buster were given custody as Shabnam wasn’t ready to take care of her daughter after her recent loss.

After a baby twist with her partner Kush Kazemi and best friend Stacey Slater, a heartbroken Shabnam left Walford and it was agreed her daughter would live with her nearby. It wasn’t until a recent episode that we learned news about Jade and Shabnam, with fans now convinced she will return.

Shabnam ctress Rakhee Thakrar is tipped to reprise her role by fans, after Dean confirmed their daughter was seriously ill and needed a transplant. Stacey called Shabnam to find out if Dean was telling the truth, and she told her pal that Jade was unwell, and unless she gets a transplant she may not live for much longer.

It’s not confirmed whether Shabnam or Jade will return to the show, but with it said she is living nearby fans are hopeful she may come back. With Dean in Walford and Jade needing medical care, there’s every chance she and her mother could return to the Square once again.

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