BBC EastEnders fans convinced The Six will get caught as they spot huge Keanu error

BBC EastEnders fans have predicted a bleak end for The Six women after watching Linda fatally stab Keanu in the brutal Christmas Day episode - and it involves prison

EastEnders fans are convinced that all of The Six women will be thrown behind bars after Linda Carter killed Keanu in the Christmas Day episode.

Fans finally saw the Christmas victim revealed on Monday (December 25) when Linda stabbed Keanu in the back with a carving fork in a bid to protect Sharon Watts. Keanu almost murdered his bride by strangling her before Linda stepped in.

But even though Keanu was no longer a physical threat to the Six women, tense scenes on Boxing Day showed that his death wasn’t the end of their torment. Stacey Slater, Suki Kaur Panesar, Linda, Sharon, Denise Fox and Kathy Beale were seen desperately trying to cover up the grisly scene at the Queen Vic.

However, fans reckoned they were putting themselves at risk of getting caught by police and thrown into prison as they kept touching everything at the scene of the murder, meaning they were leaving DNA prints everywhere.

EastEnders fans reckoned The Six were leaving too much DNA evidence at the scene after Keanu’s murder (Image: BBC)One fan on X wrote: “Look at them leaving all that DNA evidence everywhere.” Another said: “All six are gonna get caught evidence is everywhere.”

A third agreed: “These women are just doing this ALL wrong!! Just out here leaving DNA all over the place and creating a really poor story.” A fourth added: “These women need to watch a crime drama or two, their DNA is all over his body.”

They kept touching Keanu’s body (Image: BBC)

Throughout the episode, the panicked women put their hands all over the crime scene, touching Keanu’s body, the stairs and other parts of the room, which also had Keanu’s blood all over it.

The women, who had planned to agree on an alibi, decided to drag Keanu’s body across the Square in a sheet of tarpaulin and throw it in George’s car before hiding it in the cafe. But even that didn’t go down well with fans who pointed out that they could have been caught in such a busy place.

The Six hid Keanu’s body in the cafe (Image: BBC)

Another commented: “why are they just carrying a dead body all around the square as if someone can’t just look out of their window and see them. and aren’t there cameras in the square? around the market? this wasn’t very smart at all.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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