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BBC EastEnders fans issue same complaint as Jay’s crash aftermath branded ‘ridiculous’

EastEnders viewers were left scratching their heads after watching the aftermath of Jay Brown's car accident as his entire family was “unrealistically” barred from contact

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EastEnders fans are blasting “unrealistic” scenes in the wake of Jay Brown’s car accident.

BBC viewers tuned in to Thursday’s scenes (October 26) as Ben, Billy and Callum all learned of his crash and demanded to know where he was and what happened. As the police turned up at The Vic, they said they couldn’t even reveal if he was alive as no one qualified as his family, despite his biological family all being dead.

Billy and Honey went over to the hospital and were also denied entry, despite pleading with the security desk that he raised Jay and he was married to his granddaughter. He even called security manhandle Billy out of the hospital, all while victim Jay was suffering alone.


Ben and Billy were left in the dark (Image: BBC)

Fans took to Twitter to blast the scenes. “this next of kin thing is so ridiculous all his family are DEAD… are you gonna dig them up to check on him like dpmo,” said one fan.

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“omg if i have to hear the words ‘next of kin’ one more time this is utterly RIDICULOUS,” penned a second. A third shared: “Loving the whole “It’s best to legally sort out your next of kin when most of your family have died tragically and you have convoluted relationships with your ‘as good as family’ members” plot strand in tonight’s #EastEnders.”

The police refused to give any information (Image: BBC)

Billy and Honey tried to get hold of Jay’s grandfather Bert as Ben tried to keep the situation under wraps, but Will, Janet, and Lexi could sense something was up, and they later decided to tell Lexi the truth. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Billy grew increasingly worried when the hospital wouldn’t reveal if Jay was being treated, and he was nearly thrown out by security before Callum stepped in and flashed his police badge, granting them access to Jay.

Billy and Honey were confronted by security (Image: BBC)

Later, the family gathered around an unconscious Jay’s bedside to tell him how much they loved him as his life hung in the balance in an induced coma. Gina blamed George and the Mitchells for their treatment of Jay and headed to the wrong hospital in search of Jay.

Cindy seized her opportunity and offered to drive her, but it was a wasted journey, and the pair returned to No.45 where Gina finally opened up to Cindy about her ex-boyfriend Antonio who had died because of drugs.

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