BBC EastEnders fans rumble who will bring down The Six in shock blackmail twist – and it’s not Nish

EastEnders fans are convinced one person is set to bring down The Six after they murdered Keanu Taylor at Christmas - but it's not Nish Panesar

EastEnders fans have rumbled who will bring The Six down, in a shocking turn of events.

Keanu Taylor was killed by Linda Carter in huge scenes this Christmas whilst Nish Panesar was attacked by Denise Fox when he tried to drag Suki Panesar out of the Queen Vic, demanding that she stayed with him. The Six decided to hide Keanu’s body and blame him for the attack on Nish but have now decided they need to do something to get rid of the body for good, or risk being found out.

With Rocky out the way, fans now believe someone else knows about what happened and might even try to blackmail them, and it’s not Nish Panesar, who has just recently woken up in hospital.

Speaking about the possibility of The Six being blackmailed, one fan wrote: “Ravi is a possibility. If you remember, when they originally went to the hospital with Nish, he said ‘even if he contradicts Suki’s events not to believe him’. Paraphrasing a bit, but that’s the jist. Maybe he knows and either got rid to help them out or to blackmail Denise and Suki at some point in the future.”

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A second added: “Sounds logical, people keep saying Ravi will have a redemption but I don’t buy it. He’s still selfish deep down I could see him blackmailing Suki and the others with Keanu[‘s] body,” whilst a third shared their views on Reddit, adding: “Someone else saw them move the body. They’re going to be blackmailed by someone, is my guess.”

Soap executive producer Chris Clenshaw previously teased how the Christmas Day murder will affect them all forever. “The events of Christmas Day lead to The Six – Stacey, Suki, Linda, Sharon, Denise and Kathy – being bound together and it’s safe to say that none of their lives will ever be the same again,” he explained.

“It’s exactly what we hoped for; we hoped people would chat, we hoped people would speculate, we hoped that everyone would come up with their own theories and share those theories with one another. We wanted it to be a storyline that brings the viewers together too, and we’re over the moon that it seems to be doing that and the audience are enjoying being a part of it.”


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