BBC EastEnders’ Kellie Bright reaches out to Keanu actor after she killed him on-screen

Linda Carter, played by Kellie Bright, fatally stabbed Keanu Taylor, played by Danny Walters, while trying to stop him from strangling Sharon Watts, played by Letitia Dean

Keanu Taylor

Kellie Bright has reached out to Keanu Taylor actor Danny Walters after fatally stabbing him on-screen in the EastEnders Christmas special.

Her character Linda Carter fatally stabbed Keanu while trying to stop him strangling Sharon Watts, played by Letitia Dean, during the action-packed double bill on December 25, and now she’s softened the blow with a sweet social media message.

“Always loved working with you Danny,” Kelly penned on Danny’s Instagram. “Thank you for being such a great friend and colleague over the past few years. You are already missed. Thank you for helping create an EPIC experience for all EE fans. Keanu Taylor will NEVER be forgotten.”

EastEnders Christmas Special

Kellie has since reached out to Danny on her Instagram 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem)

Keanu was stabbed by Linda with a carving fork after Denise had earlier bludgeoned Nish with a champagne bottle – but Suki was able to successfully revive Nish after Sharon had declared him dead. But following the death of Keanu, the ladies started arguing between themselves over who had killed the lad, and who was an accessory to his death.

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Stacey and Kathy both urged the others to call the authorities – with Stacey preparing to throw Linda under the bus, blaming her for Keanu’s death, and Kathy urgently wanted to summon an ambulance to help Nish. But Denise argued that all six women were part of Keanu’s death and that they would all be charged with ‘joint enterprise’ due to the fact the women had encouraged the acts of violence not he night – and said she was willing to testify to that effect if the others didn’t help her cover up the death.

fans are curious to know if Linda could take the fall for the death of Keanu – and that Kellie will be written out of the show as a result. The character had already suggested she would confess to the murder in scenes that aired on Boxing Day – but she was talked out of handing herself in by Sharon.

BBC viewers are now demanding Kellie be honoured with awards for he work in the tense episodes, with one fan on X, formally Twitter, stating: “kellie bright deserves all the awards, what a woman, what an actress.”

In behind-the-scenes footage, Kellie was shown being told by EastEnders Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw that she was the killer before the scenes were filmed. She gasped: “Are you joking? Oh no. Oh no! Oh no! I don’t mind being the murderer. Oh Jesus. Why have you done this to me? The first thing going through my head is that now I’ve got to not tell anyone, have I? Why have you done this to me! I didn’t see that coming.”

Kellie herself has hinted she’s not sure if this means her character will be jailed and she will be forced out of her job. During another behind-the-scenes moment, the actress exclaimed: “What’s gonna become of me? Murderers go to prison!” But co-star Leticia said: “Panto Kelly! Panto!”

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