BBC EastEnders latest Christmas trailer ‘confirms’ double murder as they drop huge clue

EastEnders have posted their latest Christmas trailer - featuring all the Six women - ahead of the big death, with a new clue seemingly proving who the murderer is

EastEnders have posted the full length Christmas trailer – and it looks like there’s another clue in it.

The Six trailers were all released one by one and now the BBC soap has put them all together ahead of the big Christmas reveal, when one unlucky man is known to die in shocking scenes, with the Six women somehow involved.

A flashforward scene shown back in February confirmed one man dies this Christmas and the women are all seen standing around the body – but who killed him, is it the women or is it someone else and have they just discovered the body?

At the start of the trailer, we can see a jukebox appear. It has various letters and numbers pushed in, including the letters that spell the word D E A T H and also the number eight. Whilst the number eight doesn’t seem that significant at first glance, we know the BBC soap are always dropping clues – so could this be a hint to the identity of the murderer or even of the victim?

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It looks like the eight is pushed down – but could this confirm a double murder this Christmas? Six plus two equals eight and could the number be confirming how many people will be in the scene?

There have already been talks about a double murder – after eagle eyed fans noticed Linda Carter cleaning the floor in what looks like upstairs at the Queen Vic. She is also sporting a bust lip, with some fans believing it’s from Dean attacking her upstairs.

Could two bodies be found at the Queen Vic this Christmas – and what will be the ramifications for the Six going forward?

Soap boss Chris Clenshaw teased some big scenes ahead, with fans left guessing right until the last minute. “You’re going to be guessing right up until the very last moment. As we build through the autumn, stories come into play for each of The Six, building toward a big crescendo,” he said, “And, while Phil currently has the cufflinks, keep your eyes peeled as they may not be the only pair come Christmas.” Who will end up with the cufflinks this Christmas, and which characters are in trouble?

Speaking about the possibility of his character being axed, Keanu actor Danny Walters. Asked if Keanu will end up with the cufflinks this Christmas and thus lose his life, he said: “I think there are multiple characters that are potential players for the cufflinks. This is what’s great about the storyline, there’s so many players involved, and anyone attached to those six women, or maybe not even attached to those six women; it could be any of us.”


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