BBC EastEnders reveals second death in Keanu Taylor murder fallout as one family ‘hit hard’

EastEnders spoilers confirm news of a tragic death hits Walford next month on the BBC soap, as one family suffers a loss just weeks after Keanu Taylor's hidden murder


EastEnders will air news of a sad death next month, as more tragedy hits Walford following Keanu Taylor’s murder.

The Mitchells will suffer a huge and sad loss in the coming weeks, leaving one character “hit hard”. This Christmas, fans finally learned the events of Christmas Day and who died, as well as who the killer was.

All became clear as an attack on Nish by Denise to save Suki, as he dragged his wife towards the doors as she tried to end their marriage, led to him being declared dead. But in a twist, Nish was revived by Suki, only for Keanu to walk in and see the scene.

Keanu made a run for it to get Sharon’s son Albie from upstairs, and as the pair fought out the back of the pub he began to strangle her. Linda grabbed a knife and stabbed Keanu in the back to get him off of Sharon, resulting in his brutal death.

But Keanu’s demise isn’t the only tragedy to strike Walford in recent times, and next month the Mitchells will find out their beloved Aunt Sal has passed away. News of her death reaches the family, and leaves Phil devastated.

EastEnders Aunt Sal

EastEnders will air news of a sad death next month, as more tragedy hits Walford 



The Mitchell favourite’s passing leaves Phil contemplating the importance of family and so he goes to see Sharon Watts to ask for access to son Albie, but Zack stops him in his tracks. Phil only recently discovered Sharon’s son Albie was his child and not Keanu’s.

Aunt Sal’s death will be announced in scenes airing Wednesday January 10. Cast members had been pictured filming scenes for the soap favourite’s funeral a few months ago, with it confirmed the BBC soap would pay tribute to her.

Aunt Sal was last seen by viewers as she attended the funeral of Ronnie and Roxy’s funeral in 2017 where she locked horns with their mother Glenda for abandoning them as children. Last year, Aunt Sal played by Anna Karen passed away following a house fire at her home in Ilford, London. Firemen rushed to the incident shortly after 10.30pm and firemen managed to get the fire under control in less than an hour – but the actress sadly died.

In a statement soap bosses paid a heartfelt tribute to the star that read: “We are deeply saddened to hear that Anna Karen has passed away. Anna created a sharp, quick witted and extremely popular character in Aunt Sal that the audience will never forget, just as those who worked with her at EastEnders will never forget her warmth, kindness fun and good humour. Our love and thoughts are with Anna’s family and friends.

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