BBC EastEnders revenge twist ‘sealed’ after Linda Carter murder bombshell

EastEnders viewers think they have rumbled a huge revenge twist on the BBC One soap after Linda Carter let slip a murder bombshell on Wednesday

EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve figured out a huge revenge twist on the BBC One soap.

On Wednesday’s episode, The Six – made up of Denise Fox, Kathy Beale, Sharon Watts, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater and Linda Carter – were seen concealing Keanu Taylor’s body deep under the floor of the burnt out café. Linda, Kathy, Sharon, Stacey, Denise and Suki were all at the scene in The Vic this Christmas Day when Linda killed Keanu. Keanu was strangling his partner Sharon, Linda’s best friend, after a row over her son Albie, so Linda stabbed him and he died.

In the fallout, they dumped his body in the burnt out café and in the latest episode, the women realised they had to move the body or hide it properly to stop him from being found. Work was due to begin on the café, and Keanu’s body would have been found pretty soon.


EastEnders fans are convinced they’ve figured out a huge revenge twist on the BBC One soap 



Sharon had fled unable to cope, so it was up to the other five women to conceal Keanu’s body under the floor. Yet there were more bombshells ahead as Linda admitted she still had the murder weapon, leaving the rest of the women stunned. Soap watchers now think that The Six will use the weapon to potentially frame someone for Keanu’s murder in a huge revenge twist. Only recently, fans predicted that Nish Panesar could be hiding how much he really remembers from Christmas Day after he woke from his coma and could blackmail estranged wife Suki, leading to him being framed.

Taking to Twitter, now X, one person said: “There’s also the fact that Linda hasn’t gotten rid of the murder weapon yet presents a problem – they’re probably going to have to frame someone as Nish is due out of hospital soon and Keanu is still ‘on the run’ for the attack on Nish. #Eastenders.”

Elsewhere, a different account put: “Once Keanu’s found eventually they can frame Nish for doing it in his own cafe” while another added: “He [Nish] knows what happened and will use it to blackmail Suki as his suspicions grow… she will then frame him for the murder as it’s his cafe #EastEnders.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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