BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Double return, George Knight twist and Whitney baby joy

The actor is unrecognisable when he is not his characterEastEnders spoilers tease big drama, huge discoveries and the comeback of two characters on the BBC soap next week, in the fallout to the shocking murder on Christmas Day


EastEnders airs huge scenes ahead on the BBC soap next week, in the fallout to the brutal Christmas Day murder.

The drama hasn’t stopped at Keanu Taylor’s death though, or the attack on Nish Panesar and The Six’s pact to cover up the crimes. There’s plenty of twists and turns ahead involving characters outside of the big Christmas plot.

Next week will see the return of two characters on the BBC soap, one of whom has not been in Walford for more than a decade. Joining her is a fan favourite last onscreen earlier this year, while she hasn’t been in Walford since 2022.

There’s also two new arrivals in Walford, and they’re about to drop an earth-shattering bombshell on George Knight that will turn his world upside down. Finally there’s some big news for Whitney Dean ahead of her exit from the BBC soap. Here are the biggest moments happening on the BBC soap next week…


EastEnders spoilers tease big drama, huge discoveries and the comeback of two characters 

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BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Double return

Lauren Branning and her cousin Penny Branning return to the soap next week. Lauren is making a permanent return to the show, with actress Jacqueline Jossa reprising her role. Lauren left Walford back in 2018, while she did make comebacks in 2022 and earlier this year.

Lauren will be returning with her and Peter Beale’s son Louie, but they’re not alone. Joining Lauren in Walford is her cousin, Jack Branning’s daughter Penny.

Penny’s return comes 15 years after she last appeared in Albert Square back in 2008. New spoilers have confirmed their comeback will air in the New Year, with it seeming that the pair’s return scenes will air on New Year’s Day.

Spoilers say that the pair are in Paris, with pictures hinting they are at a party. Something happens during this party that leads to their decision to go to Walford, while it’s being kept under wraps.

The spoiler line reads: “In Paris, Lauren and Penny make a decision that they have to return to Walford due to the events of the evening.” By the end of the week it’s revealed Penny has arrived back in Walford, but are Lauren and Louie with her? A further spoiler reveals Penny struggles to cope with recent events, and she comes to a big decision.

George Knight twist

EastEnders is set for dramatic scenes in the New Year as two new arrivals descend on Albert Square, which leads to a dramatic DNA bombshell being exposed

EastEnders is set for dramatic scenes in the New Year 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders is set for dramatic scenes in the New Year as two new arrivals descend on Albert Square, which leads to a dramatic DNA bombshell being exposed. George receives two unexpected visitors – his adoptive parents Gloria and Eddie.

Gloria is delighted to be reunited with her granddaughters, Gina and Anna. However, it’s tense between Eddie and his eldest granddaughter. What’s happened and can they move past it?

Yet the drama is far from over as later, Gloria reveals a shocking truth to George. As George and ex Cindy Beale try to find out more, they are shocked by what they find.

George is left broken by the discovery as partner Elaine Peacock does her best to comfort him. EastEnders has confirmed a new storyline for George, that will see the character make a discovery about his identity after his parents reveal the true means by which he was adopted.

A press release confirmed: “[Gloria and Eddie] tell George that he was adopted via a process known as farming which saw children advertised for money for parents looking to give children a home. The news leads George to make a discovery about his heritage which causes him to question the identity his parents impressed upon him since his adoption.

“It will soon become apparent to viewers that Gloria and Eddie are not what they seem as it’s clear both are still concealing secrets from their son, and Eddie’s racist ideologies come to the fore as his fractured relationships with his family are exposed as they challenge him on his views.”

Baby joy

EastEnders Whitney

Whitney will soon leave the BBC soap 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

New spoilers have teased struggles ahead for Whitney Dean and her partner Zack Hudson, and there’s some baby news. Whitney will discover she is pregnant in the start of the new year, leaving her torn after recent heartbreak.

Viewers know that Whitney and Zack looked into fostering children recently after wanting to start a family together, as tragedy earlier in the year left Whitney distraught. After Whitney learned she was pregnant earlier this year, she and Zack were devastated when they learned their unborn baby daughter had Edwards’ syndrome.

Whitney gave birth to daughter Peach after beginning the process of a termination, 18 weeks into the pregnancy. In the aftermath, Whitney and Zach struggled with their loss and after they reunited, Whitney told him she didn’t want to put her body through another pregnancy and wanted to look into adoption and fostering.

While it took some time for Zack to come around to this, he did agree and in recent scenes a young boy named Ashton was placed in their care but it did not work out. There’s heartache when it’s revealed Ashton is being moved to a new foster family.

But there’s a big shock in store for Whitney when she does a pregnancy test and it soon reveals she is pregnant again. Whitney soon reveals the news to Zack who is stunned, but amid the drama with Ashton the pair are left further apart.

As the week goes on Whitney reveals she’s received news that Ashton has settled in with his new foster family as she tries to come to terms with his premature departure. As 2024 rings in, Whitney heads to the allotment to visit Peach’s tree where she is interrupted by Yolande who shares her own experience on fostering.

Whitney breaks down as recent events take their toll on her, with Yolande comforting her. After a heart-to-heart, Whitney makes a decision and heads home – but what will she tell Zack?

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