BBC EastEnders spoilers for next week: Past character ‘returns’ and Jay death horror

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal a possible tragedy on the BBC soap for one character, while a revenge plan escalates and a past character is tipped to return

EastEnders spoilers tease huge scenes next week, with death fears, a revenge plan and a possible return for a past character on the BBC soap.

Cindy Beale is keen to go into business with someone, but their identity is not known. The only thing given away is that they are a former Walford resident, so which past character could be about to make a shock return to the show?

Elsewhere, Jay Brown’s drug use is exposed, as well as the fact he has been seeing newcomer Nadine. His family end up disowning the character, but tragedy could strike when he’s involved in an accident.

Finally there’s troubling scenes for Keanu and Karen Taylor, as they target Zack Hudson in their plan against his sister Sharon Watts. Here’s the biggest moments of the week ahead…

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal a possible tragedy

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal a possible tragedy 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Jay dies?

EastEnders is lining up scary scenes next week as Jay Brown is feared dead in a horror accident after he is disowned by his family for his drug taking. In upcoming scenes, Jay wakes after a night filled with booze and drugs to which Billy Mitchell soon senses something is wrong and heads to Jay, who confesses to taking drugs, but he keeps quiet about Nadine.

However, things soon go from bad to worse when Ben Mitchell reveals all about Nadine unaware that Lexi is listening to which the youngster reels and abruptly leaves as the family follow her, shunning Jay. ‌Later, Jay desperately tries to make amends but Ben and Callum shut him out, wanting to protect Lexi.

After feeling rejected by his family, Jay gets a dealer’s number off Ravi and picks up more drugs before Gina finds him at the car lot to confiscate them and offers him a bed for the night at The Vic. Gina convinces Jay to head to No.29B where they put a plan into action to speak to Lexi. However, Ben and Billy are reluctant, but once inside, Jay finally has an honest conversation with Lexi.

However, things go from bad to worse later in the week when Jay drinks himself into oblivion before George kicks him out after finding drugs in his belongings and Linda bars him. Later, Jay is overcome with emotion whilst looking at Lola’s things before Ben and Gina find him unconscious on the sofa having taken more drugs. Billy is disgusted at Jay and a huge row erupts between the pair to which Billy orders Jay out of their lives for good.

Feeling heartbroken, Jay decides to drive to Margate against Gina’s wishes. Things take a worrying turn later in the week when the police arrive at The Vic looking for Jay’s next-of-kin as it is revealed that Jay has been in an accident…

Keanu and Karen trick Zack

Zack is used by Keanu

Zack is used by Keanu 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders spoilers reveal Keanu Taylor and Karen Taylor step up their plan against Sharon Watts next week ahead of a huge exit. The pair are out to get her over her treatment of ex fiancé Keanu, with her threatening to stop access to their son Albie – months on from her helping Lisa Fowler take Keanu’s daughter Peggy away from Walford.

Now, Sharon is considering moving away with her son without Keanu. Karen is encouraging her son to make Sharon believe they have a future, before taking everything she has including their child. Next week, someone else gets dragged into their plan as Karen and Keanu trick Sharon’s brother Zack Hudson.

Spoilers reveal that Karen tries to pull on Zack’s heart string in an attempt to help get Keanu access to his son Albie. After Keanu and Zack have an emotional heart-to-heart, Zack reasons that he’s a good dad and later manages to persuade his sister to put Keanu’s name on Albie’s birth certificate.

How will Zack feel to realise he’s been tricked into siding with Keanu, who is planning to run off with Albie and make Sharon lose everything? Sharon decides against making Keanu his own son’s legal guardian over his recent behaviour, and chooses Zack for this instead – so what will Keanu do next?

Mystery return

Spoilers for next week's episode of the BBC soap have revealed that Cindy is keen to go into business with someone from her past

Spoilers for next week’s episodes of the BBC soap have revealed that Cindy is keen to go into business with someone from her pastDON’T MISS

Spoilers for next week’s episodes of the BBC soap have revealed that Cindy is keen to go into business with someone from her past. All we know about the person is that they are an ex-resident of Walford, but who they are is being kept a secret for now.

Next week on the BBC soap, Cindy – played by Michelle Collins – meets up with another bidder for the pawn shop. She is keen to split their offer and go into business together. Ian Beale – played by Adam Woodyatt – is reluctant about the idea, but Cindy tells him that he should trust her, given that the mystery person is an ex-resident of Walford themselves.

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