BBC EastEnders Suki Panesar ‘sealed’ as Christmas killer: Double murder to shocking Eve twist

Suki Panesar on EastEnders

Suki Panesar is looking like a big possibility for being the Christmas murderer on EastEnders this year.

The much-loved character – played by Balvinder Sopal – has been pushed to the limit recently by her husband Nish Panesar and his son Ravi Gulati. First, she was convinced they had a hand in Eve’s disappearance, after fearing her partner had died.

Nish has also been controlling Suki for years, leaving her fearful that she will never be able to escape him. After falling in love with Eve, Suki is adamant she needs to leave her husband and hatched a plan to run away, only for it to be foiled at the last minute.

Could Suki turn to murder this Christmas to allow her and Eve to live the life they’ve always wanted?

Eve twist

Eve and Suki on EastEnders

Suki found out Eve was alive tonight on EastEnders 

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Tonight, we learned that Eve is still alive – after many feared she had died or left Walford for good. Suki has been struggling since Eve’s disappearance, and has been adamant to get some answers about what happened.

With it now being confirmed she is back in Walford, could Eve team up with her lover Suki to bring one of the men of Walford down? The pair are adamant they want to be together, and at whatever cost, so could Suki kill to be with Eve?

We saw the start of that this evening when Suki decided to poison her husband’s glass of wine and threatened to beat him up until he told the truth about Eve. Suki will clearly go to extreme lengths to be with the person she wants to be with, but could this actually end up with her murdering someone this Christmas, with both Ravi and Nish on her hitlist.

Double murder

There have been talks of a double murder this Christmas – and if that was to be the case, it could be Suki who wields the fatal blow. After all, she is one of the only women who have two people they really want to target – with her sights set on getting revenge against Nish and Ravi over Eve’s disappearance and their control over her.

Nish has been controlling her in their relationship whilst Ravi also has faced the wrath of Suki over what happened to her son Kheerat. He is now in prison for the murder of Ranveer, but Suki knows it was actually Ravi who killed his grandfather.

Ravi Gulati and Nish Panesar on EastEnders

Could both Nish and Ravi end up dead this Christmas? 


BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Speaking about Suki’s motives for killing her two enemies – Ravi and Nish – she explained: “We find her in a real conundrum because Eve has gone missing, and Suki doesn’t know where or why or how.

“Over the course of the week she kind of starts to piece things together and it feels like things are leading all the way back to Ravi and Nish. She knows that they could potentially have a very good hand in Eve’s disappearance, because they’re villains.”

She added of what’s to come: “Ravi has a history because he killed Ranveer, and also Nish as well, he killed the man that he thought Suki was having an affair with so they’re both dangerous people. There’s a real kind of danger around Eve going missing and the key players within that so Suki is just trying to find her feet with it all.”

History repeating itself

Unlike some of the women, we know Suki has the potential to kill. Whilst her attacks have always been in self-defence, could the Christmas murder actually be a big accident – and does this mean Suki is culpable?

We know Kheerat covered for Suki, thinking she was responsible for Ranveer’s death after he tried to attack her. He didn’t want his mum to go to prison and thus did everything to keep her home and safe.

However, he was unaware of what Nish Panesar was really like – and with Suki’s poisoning of Nish’s wine tonight, could that prove she has something inside her that would make her turn to murder if she felt really threatened?

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