BBC EastEnders’ The Six forced to take gruesome action after new Keanu Taylor twist

EastEnders spoilers reveal Suki Panesar, Kathy Beale, Linda Carter, Sharon Watts, Denise Fox and Stacey Slater have to make a quick decision next week, as Keanu Taylor's body looks set to be uncovered

EastEnders fans will see fresh turmoil for The Six in the fallout to the shocking Christmas Day murder.

The six female characters at the centre of Keanu Taylor’s brutal murder, and the attack on Nish Panesar, must take gruesome action in the coming weeks after the big scenes aired. This Christmas, fans finally learned the events of Christmas Day and who died, as well as who the killer was.

All became clear as an attack on Nish by Denise to save Suki, as he dragged his wife towards the doors as she tried to end their marriage, led to him being declared dead. But in a twist, Nish was revived by Suki, only for Keanu to walk in and see the scene.

Keanu made a run for it to get Sharon’s son Albie from upstairs, and as the pair fought out the back of the pub he began to strangle her. Linda grabbed a knife and stabbed Keanu in the back to get him off of Sharon, resulting in his brutal death.


EastEnders fans will see fresh turmoil for The Six in the fallout to the shocking Christmas Day murder 



Viewers have seen the six characters come up with a story as to the events of that evening, as Nish continues to fight for life. For now, Keanu’s body is hidden under the floor of the burnt out café, but it’s only a matter of time before his death risks being exposed.

In upcoming scenes, spoilers reveal that Kathy gets a warning that could leave all of them at risk of being exposed. The builders plan to start working on the café’s restoration, which will of course result in Keanu’s dead body being found.

Kathy, Suki and Linda see what is happening and warn the others, and they are forced to carry out the grim task of moving Keanu’s decomposing corpse. Suki manages to stop the building works going ahead that day, giving the women time to move the body.

But as the women get to it, Suki gets a phone call that could change everything. What has she learned, and will the women manage to get rid of Keanu’s body before it’s discovered by the builders or one of the Beales?

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