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BBC EastEnders viewers certain of ‘difficult’ new romance for Jay after Nadine romp

EastEnders fans reckon they've figured out the perfect new match for grieving Jay Brown, whose wife Lola died earlier this year. But it's not set to be an easy romance if it happens

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EastEnders fans reckon they’ve figured out who grieving Jay Brown will hook up with next – and it’s not sex worker Nadine Keller.

Jay (Jamie Borthwick) has been struggling following the death of his wife Lola Pearce (Dannielle Harold) earlier this year. And he formed a fast friendship with student and escort Nadine (Jazzy Keller).

But after the duo started doing drugs together in recent weeks, they also slept with each other. Fans, however, think Jay’s new relationship will be with someone else – though still just as questionable.

Some EastEnders viewers believe that Jay will end up getting with Gina Knight (Francesca Henry), who joined the BBC soap in June. Gina has a drug problem, and Jay has been using recently.

EastEnders fans think they have worked out the next romance for Jay
EastEnders fans think they have worked out the next romance for Jay (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)Fans have speculated their common storyline will put them together. One said on social media: “Jay and Gina are a future couple. I’m certain of it.”

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Someone else said: “Could Gina be a new love interest for Jay when he’s really ready?” A third said: “Gina and Jay are my wished-for ship! They have great chemistry. Both are a bit broken. And they look gorgeous together. Bring it.”

Jay recently slept with Nadine
Jay recently slept with Nadine (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Another said: “It would be interesting to explore a relationship between a couple who both struggle with drug use but want to be clean. And potentially the difficulty staying clean when your partner has a lapse. Perhaps if they did get together, one or both of them might have to make the difficult decision to break up for the sake of their health.

“They could also show them supporting each other to get clean, but I think realistically they’d have to show some lapses along the way.” However some weren’t sure, suggesting that the storyline would be repeating itself too soon after that of Stuart Highway and Rainie Branning.

EastEnders fans have predicted Jay will get with Gina
EastEnders fans have predicted Jay will get with Gina (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Others, meanwhile, said Jay was too raw from the death of Lola to have any romantic storylines just yet. One theorised: “Maybe. Not yet though. The show deffo seems to be setting it up as a potential slow burn ‘friends to lovers’ arc for later on. She’s got a real soft spot for him and given the state he’s in, that seems a bit odd as God knows why anyone would go near him right now.”

They added: “EastEnders have definitely foreshadowed the potential. She’s had nice scenes with Lexi (tellingly on the day of her mother’s funeral) and even with Ben (and getting along with him is tough going so that’s a start). If she is somewhat absorbed into their friendship group soon (Jay/Ben/Callum & possibly Peter and Lauren eventually too) then it wouldn’t surprise me.”

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