BBC EastEnders viewers spot major error as fan fave appears to be axed from show

As “the six” convince Kathy to turn Rocky in for arson, EastEnders fans are pointing out why the plotline could lead to more trouble as they fight to hide Keanu’s gruesome murder

EastEnders fans have exposed a major flaw in the latest plot to send Rocky down for arson.

Fans saw “the six” on edge after Rocky continues to pry into their whereabouts on Christmas night, putting their murderous secret at risk of being discovered. In a desperate bid to shut him up, mastermind Suki convinced the ladies to turn him in for setting fire to his wife’s café.

A hesitant Kathy is torn, but soon enough the police arrive at the Queen Vic and arrest him. As Rocky leaves the pub in handcuffs, fans are pointing out that having him arrested for setting fire to the café will only draw attention to the abandoned building, where Keanu’s body still lies under the floorboards.

“Surely telling the police Rocky burnt down the caff is gonna make them search it for evidence? Where Keanu is,” said one fan. “Surely if the police take Rocky in now, he’ll say what he saw, and they’ll check the cafe? Surely easier to invite him for a romantic meal, bop him over the noggin and shove him in there with Keanu. People do not think these things through,” a second penned.

EastEnders fans have exposed a major flaw in the latest plot to send Rocky down for arson
EastEnders fans have exposed a major flaw in the latest plot to send Rocky down for arson (Image: BBC)A third added: “Surely it’s not the brightest idea to report Rocky to the Police – the last thing they need is them searching the cafe for DNA clues seeing as not one of them wore a solitary glove.” With Denise’s help, Kathy found Rocky’s search history on his laptop from the day before the fire, and handed that over as evidence, before telling the police he would be in the pub at 2pm.

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Kathy betrayed Rocky after he began prying about her whereabouts (Image: BBC)

In the interview room, Rocky denied burning down the cafe on purpose, but back in Albert Square, Kathy was torn over her decision and managed to get Denise’s husband Jack Branning to get her in to see Rocky. In an emotional exchange, she told him to confess to the crime and take the prison sentence. As the credits rolled, EastEnders fans took to X – formerly Twitter – to discuss his departure.

Suki convinced Kathy to turn Rocky in (Image: BBC)

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One wrote: “Actually felt sorry for Rocky in tonight’s episode.” Another added: “Well tonight explains how Rocky goes out of it. And potentially that it’s his final appearance.” A third tweeted: “Anyone else gutted Brian Conley is leaving #Eastenders? Rocky has become such a great character and definitely had legs.”

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “Poor Rocky, yes he f***ed up with the whole insurance scam but as always he did it with the best of intentions & his whole obsession with investigation what actually happened on Christmas was about protecting Kathy so for her to betray him…”

EastEnders airs every Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One and the BBC iPlayer.

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