EastEnders boss is determined to bring back show legend and fans have everything crossed

Grant Mitchell, played by Ross Kemp, takes a phone call
Grant was last seen in 2016 (Picture: BBC)

Ever since Chris Clenshaw took over the role as EastEnders boss, fans have loved seeing the development of the BBC One soap and how introducing new characters – and bringing old ones back – impacts the current Walford community.

Of course, one of the biggest returns in recent years has been that of Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins). The EastEnders audience were left in shock earlier this year when it was confirmed Cindy was actually alive and now, she is living in Albert Square trying to fit back into London life.

An episode set in France allowed us to discover that Cindy was living under cover as Rose Knight shortly after her arrest 20 years ago.

The instalment also confirmed Cindy was in a relationship with Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) and living with their son Peter (Thomas Law).

When Cindy returned to her old home she was met with the Knight family. While living as Rose, Cindy married George (Colin Salmon) and gave birth to Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna (Molly Rainford), but was told to leave the family for protection purposes after she travelled from Marbella to Walford following Lucy Beale’s murder.

Elsewhere, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) was left horrified a few weeks ago when Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) headed back to the Queen Vic pub.

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Cindy looking distraught in hospital in EastEnders
Cindy is now living with Ian, Peter and Bobby (Picture: BBC)

Last seen in 2016, Dean is now working alongside Cindy and Ian for their new pie and mash business, and living in Walford because he needs to be close to daughter Jade, who is unwell and in hospital.

EastEnders has been on our screens for over 35 years and while it’s important for the soap to be modern and current, the return of old characters not only excites fans but certainly brings an element of nostalgia to the show.

Dean is horrified by the 'rapist' graffiti on Beale's Eels as Ian and Cindy watch on in EastEnders
The Walford residents weren’t pleased to see Dean back (Picture: BBC)

Chris Clenshaw has been reflecting on his time as the boss of EastEnders so far and when asked about bringing more characters back, there was one name at the top of his wish list.

‘Grant Mitchell, for more brotherly drama with Phil!’, he said during a chat with TV Times.

Grant was last seen in 2016, when he reunited with his family for Peggy Mitchell’s (Barbara Windsor) funeral.

Way back in January, Ross Kemp was once again asked about reprising the role.

‘I don’t think you can ever say never, you know?,’ he told The One Show hosts Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas, who posed the question from a fan on social media.

‘I loved the part, I did it for 10 years.

‘I must have liked it because I stayed there for 10 years. But, you know, look, it was great fun, I loved the cast, it was a great job. [I’m] doing lots of different things right now, but never say never!’

We’ve got everything crossed!

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