EastEnders Cindy’s next victim ‘revealed’ as fans beg ‘push them down Queen Vic stairs’

EastEnders fans claim they know who is next to get killed off on the BBC soap - with some claiming Cindy Beale has her eye on a character that's recently arrived in Walford

EastEnders fans reckon Cindy Beale is going to end up murdering a resident on the square – and fans don’t mind.

In Thursday’s episode (January 4), George Knight’s adoptive parents, Gloria and Eddie, returned after revealing a huge secret. The landlord of the Vic recently found out he had been ‘farmed’ by his biological parents and his adoptive parents were paid to look after him.

In an attempt to make amends and move on, George and partner Elaine (Harriet Thorpe) invited his parents over for a family meal. However, while at the Vic, dad Eddie couldn’t help but make a vile remark about George’s daughter Gina’s hair.

While looking at pictures of George as a kid, Eddie told Anna: “He had hair like your sister, totally wild, I had to sheer him like a sheep just to get a head guard on him.”

Eddie has rubbed up viewers the wrong wayThe grandad then turned to Gina and said: “You gonna pull a comb through that before we have dinner Gina? Upset, Gina confided in mum Cindy who was left fuming, and invited herself to the family dinner later on.

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And things took an awkward turn when Eddie continued with his racist remarks. The rest of the dinner table, and viewers, were left disgusted when he referred to “two black lads” who attacked one of his neighbours.

Fans have demanded he get killed off

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Gina soon called him out and asked why he had to mention their skin colour. Cindy also wasn’t having it and stood up to Eddie – who so far has showed what fans deem a “creepy” interest in his former daughter-in-law.

Now, fans reckon, and seriously hope, the character of Eddie will be killed off. And they even claim it’ll be Cindy who kills him.

Fans will reckon Cindy will make Eddie pay

On X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: “Surely Cindy has a plan to murder this vile racist ‘Gramps’. Her flesh must have been calling when he kissed her on the head.”

A second added: “someone in Albert Square give eddie a fatal push down the queen vic stairs please.” A third fumed: “Sorry, WTF? Cindy’s the one standing up to obviously racist Eddie, defending her Daughter, as she should.” Another penned: “Eddie is such a creepy and racist. If he dies soon I will not be bothered.”

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