EastEnders confirms killer ‘exposed’ and two exit dramas in 65 pictures

There is shock and upset on the cards in EastEnders next week, with a whopping 65 pictures in our latest gallery showcasing a devastating turn of events, with consequences galore.

The BBC One soap sees huge developments in The Six storyline as Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) starts to suspect that several of the Square’s iconic women are hiding something.

The abuser grows suspicious after overhearing Suki (Balvinder Sopal) and Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) having a clandestine meeting about the cafe and soon he starts to investigate.

Knowing full well that there’s a deadly secret at play, Nish decides to use his suspicions to his advantage, demanding that Suki sign over all their businesses to him, otherwise he’ll go to the police with his theories!

Fearing that their actions on Christmas Day will out, various member of The Six are in agreement that Suki must do what is necessary to ensure Nish’s silence. But can Suki stop Nish from digging deeper?

Linda has a lot on her plate during the week in question as, in addition to being concerned about her freedom, she finds out that Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) is in a relationship with Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo).

The revelation leaves the landlady devastated as she comes to realise that Gina doesn’t believe that Dean raped her. She’s not the only one annoyed, as patriarch George is sickened by the news of Gina’s new boyfriend, as is Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) who takes matters into her own hands.

Gina, however, has made her mind up about Dean and thus when he asks her to spend a romantic evening with him she agrees. But the date takes a very dark turn, with Gina finally seeing the rapist’s true colours.

Elsewhere on the Square, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) is looking for somewhere to live following her split from Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

EastEnders w:c Monday January 22
EastEnders lines up another dramatic week, with a number of big shocks on the cards (Picture: BBC)

The matriarch and much-loved character is taken aback when she is offered a temporarily rent-free flat from Nish.

Phil, meanwhile, tries to win back Kat but his efforts fall flat, with Nish ordering the legendary hard-man to leave her alone and, despite Stacey’s (Lacey Turner) pleas, Kat agrees to a date with Nish!

Having started a secret relationship, Gina and Dean meet in the alleyway beside The Vic (Picture: BBC)
Dean is keen to make their relationship public but Gina asks him to keep shtum for now and gives him a kiss (Picture: BBC)
Dean isn't pleased about having to keep quiet and soon enough he decides to take action (Picture: BBC)
Jay pops into the Vic, where he has a chat with Gina at the bar (Picture: BBC)
But just what will be discussed? And will Gina open up about her relationship with Dean? (Picture: BBC)
Linda continues to struggle with her alcoholism (Picture: BBC)
The events of Christmas have really taken their toll on the landlady (Picture: BBC)
Phil discusses his and Kat's split with George (Picture: BBC)
Kat has moved in with the Slaters (Picture: BBC)
Eve and Suki have a tense discussion, but just what is on their minds? (Picture: BBC)
Kat chats to Linda at the bar (Picture: BBC)
Phil offers to pay for Kat's drink, hopeful of making amends (Picture: BBC)
Nish, however, intervenes and orders Phil to back off, which doesn't go down too well with the hard-man! (Picture: BBC)
Phil tries to warn Nish to stay away from Kat (Picture: BBC)
Cindy is stunned to see Bobby leaving her house, realising that he spent the night with Anna (Picture: BBC)
She is disapproving, believing that Bobby isn't good enough for her daughter (Picture: BBC)
Anna defends her relationship with Bobby, with Cindy soon realising that she's got no choice but to accept it (Picture: BBC)
Howie is offered a three-month job opportunity on a cruise (Picture: BBC)
Linda and Elaine are left reeling after Dean publicly reveals his relationship with Gina (Picture: BBC)
Cindy arrives and she's horrified when Elaine, George and Linda fill her in (Picture: BBC)
Cindy, George and Elaine put their heads together, determined to come up with a plan (Picture: BBC)
George is determined to handle the situation with care but Cindy has alternative ideas (Picture: BBC)
Gina, meanwhile, confronts Dean over his actions after he blatantly ignored her wishes to keep their relationship a secret (Picture: BBC)
Dean tries to win Gina round (Picture: BBC)
Despite her initial stance on the matter, Gina ultimately forgives Dean for what he did (Picture: BBC)
But Cindy is another matter entirely as she pops over to Dean's flat and makes him an offer (Picture: BBC)
But what will Dean do? (Picture: BBC)
Stacey is worried that Kat might be tempted to go on a date with Nish and thus fills her in on what he did to Eve (Picture: BBC)
Despite Stacey's concerns, however, Kat decides to go on a date with Nish (Picture: BBC)
Kim has doubts about Howie going on a cruise (Picture: BBC)
She's worried that he might be tempted by other women while away but Howie assures her that this isn't the case (Picture: BBC)
Determined to put Kim's mind at rest, Howie invites her to a photoshoot (Picture: BBC)
But it does little to help, with Kim receiving quite a big shock (Picture: BBC)
Kim is left jealous of Howie's boss Rory (Picture: BBC)
To her shock, Rory offers her the job of social media manager on the cruise! (Picture: BBC)
Nish meets with a family friend (Picture: BBC)
And afterwards he makes a secret phone call (Picture: BBC)
Nish stops by the Slaters, wanting to discuss his divorce from Suki (Picture: BBC)
Nish invites the Giani (prayer leader) from the temple as a mediator, knowing this will humiliate Suki (Picture: BBC)
Suki isn't pleased with the cruel move and the gloves are soon off between the two (Picture: BBC)
Dean is running out of time to make a decision about Cindy's offer (Picture: BBC)
But he plays dirty, telling Gina all about what Cindy has done (Picture: BBC)
Gina is horrified (Picture: BBC)
Gina returns to Dean's flat for a romantic evening he's organised but things soon take a dark turn, with Gina seeing who her boyfriend truly is (Picture: BBC)
Kim is planning for her cruise job (Picture: BBC)
But with Denise evidently struggling, Kim worries about taking the job (Picture: BBC)
Dean is stunned when Jade stops by  (Credits: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
He's delighted when Jade explained that she'd like to stay for a while 
 (Credits: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
Suki speaks to the builders as the work continues on the cafe (Picture: BBC)
Vinny is also on hand to have a word with the workers (Picture: BBC)
Nish lingers nearby and soon he starts to suspect that something is wrong (Picture: BBC)
Eager to get answers, Nish confronts Denise (Picture: BBC)
Linda watches from The Vic window (Picture: BBC)
By this point, Nish knows there's a big secret at play - and he's determined to find out what it is (Picture: BBC)
The abuser pays Linda a visit (Picture: BBC)
Linda is concerned that her secret will out (Picture: BBC)
With his suspicions piqued, Nish goes to see Suki at the Minute Mart (Picture: BBC)
He uses her fear to his advantage, threatening to report her and her friends to the police if she doesn't hand over all their businesses to him at once (Picture: BBC)
Five of The Six gather at the Vic to discuss Nish's snooping (Picture: BBC)
Linda and Stacey are particularly worried about the situation, with neither wanting to go to prison (Picture: BBC)
Suki is stuck in a tricky situation (Picture: BBC)
Denise makes it quite clear that Suki must sell her businesses to Nish, otherwise they're all facing prison (Picture: BBC)
Ben, Jay and Lexi pop into the salon (Picture: BBC)
Denise, however, isn't her usual self (Picture: BBC)
Kim reckons she should stay put to support Denise but Denise reiterates that she must go on the cruise (Picture: BBC)
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