EastEnders exit sealed for Kim Fox: Why Tameka Empson is leaving and how long she’ll be off screen

Kim's got a brilliant job offer! Will she wave goodbye to Walford?

Kim's leaving Walford

Kim Fox looks set to wave farewell to Albert Square this week as she lands a top job on a cruise ship.

But will Kim leave Walford and does this mean a departure for EastEnders actress Tameka Empson?

Kim’s got a decision to make (Credit: BBC)

Cruising with Kim Fox!

With Kim having wowed Howie’s old friend with her social media know-how, she’s been offered the chance to join her fella on the fancy winter cruise.

But Kim’s got a lot to think about. Denzel’s causing a few headaches at school and Kim feels bad when Yolande explains he’s acting up because he’s scared about being left behind if they head off to sail the sea!

Luckily, after a heart to heart with the thoughtful teen, Kim’s reassured. Denzel tells her and Howie that he’ll be fine and urges them to go.

Kim isn’t sure what to do (Credit: BBC)

Sisterly love

But Denzel’s not Kim’s only concern – she’s also worried about sister Denise. She even thinks Dee could be experiencing PTSD after witnessing Nish almost die at Christmas (oh, if only Kim knew the truth, eh?!).

But after Kim shares her worries with her sister, Denise manages to pull herself together. She too demands Kim hits the waves.

So is Kim heading off for good?

Tameka Empson on The One Show talking seriously
Tameka is passionate about her new project (Credit: BBC)

The Big Life!

Actress Tameka Empson is actually taking a break from EastEnders for a while to tread the boards.

She’s starring in the revival of The Big Life at the Stratford East theatre in London. Tameka plays Mrs Aphrodite in the show, which is a musical retelling of Shakespeare’s Love’s Labours Lost mixed with the story of Windrush. It tells the story of four men who have arrived in the UK from the West Indies full of dreams and determined not to be distracted by love for three years. Of course, they soon meet four women who have other ideas!

Tameka co-wrote the play. She also starred in it when it was first on at the same theatre 20 years ago so it’s an exciting time for her.

Kim wasn’t happy about Howie going alone so she’s going too! (Credit: BBC)

Is Kim Fox leaving EastEnders for good?

But the good news for Kim Fox fans is the musical has a limited run and Tameka will be back in Walford before we know it.

On The One Show last night (Monday January 23) she told hosts Gethin Jones and Lauren Laverne: “Kim’s going to be all right, she’s going to be okay. She’s going off on a cruise with Howie and the kids. Don’t stress with her, she’s going to be fine.”

Then she added: “But it’s giving me a little bit of a break to do a project that I am so passionate about. It’s called The Big Life and some people say it was on 20 years ago. I say some time ago – somebody’s doing some kind of figures that don’t add up!” she joked.

“It is such a great musical and I really urge everybody to go and see it,” she continued. “It’s not only about the Windrush generation, but immigration throughout, people coming to the UK and their expectation, their dreams.”

Tameka was so excited by the upcoming production. She said: “I would dare anybody to come to this show and not be moved.” And in fact as she finished talking about the Windrush scandal she wiped her eyes as they welled with tears.

The Big Life is on at the Theatre Royal Stratford East from February 16 until March 30.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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