EastEnders fans baffled as Dean reveals daughter’s illness to Linda

Jade isn't well

EastEnders' Jade, Dean, Linda, the EastEnders logo and background of the Thames

In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Tuesday, October 31), Dean revealed the real reason for his return to Walford.

He told Linda that his daughter, Jade, was unwell and was in a really bad way.

EastEnders fans have now been left baffled after Dean Wicks revealed his daughter’s illness to Linda.

EastEnders' Dean is furious
Dean has returned to be close to his daughter (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Dean revealed the real reason for his return

At the back of The Vic last night, Linda was petrified as she stared Dean Wicks in the face once more.

She was furious that he’d returned back to Walford, demanding that he left again.

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However, Dean revealed that he was doing business with the Beales as a silent partner.

He had also made up with Shirley, being there for her after she broke down due to Mick’s disappearance.

Dean then revealed a more important reason for his return though – his daughter, Jade, was seriously unwell.

He wanted to be close to her as her cystic fibrosis symptoms were getting rather severe and things weren’t looking promising for her.

EastEnders' Jade is smiling in the car
What would Shabnam say about this? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans baffled over Dean’s daughter Jade

EastEnders fans have now been left baffled over Dean’s real reason for returning to Walford.

They are confused as to why Dean has returned to be close to Jade when surely Shabnam wouldn’t let him see her.

One EastEnders fan wrote: “Shabnam wouldn’t let him near Jade.”

A second person commented: “Shabs is letting Dean see Jade? [Bleep.]”

A third fan added: “Somehow I don’t think Shabnam would allow Dean anywhere near Jade (unless Jade decided) or Shirley played peace maker. I could see Shirley try to play mediator.”

EastEnders' Jade is with Shirley outside
Will Shabnam let Dean see Jade? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Will Dean be allowed to see Jade?

Dean’s back in Walford so that he’s close to Jade should he need to attend any hospital appointments. With Jade on a transplant list, Dean’s got to be there for her.

It looks as though Shabnam is allowing for Dean to see his sick daughter. But, will Jade be okay? And, could we soon see a return of Jade and Shabnam back on screen?

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