EastEnders fans ‘figure out’ which huge legend is about to return

David Wicks in EastEnders
Could we be about to see David Wicks back on the Square? (Picture: BBC)

Following confirmation of another upcoming return, EastEnders fans have ben doing what they do best in trying to solve the mystery of who it is that’s set to stage a comeback.

The BBC One soap has been home to a number of shocking returns over this past year, with Cindy Beale’s historic comeback in particular having got everyone talking.

Cindy, however, could be responsible for another familiar face returning to Walford, with the popular character determined to put down roots in the Square, hoping to show daughters Anna and Gina that she’s sticking around.

The matriarch is keen on starting her own business, though has struggled to find an investor after her attempts to woo the Panesars ended in disaster, but she is soon struck with a plan when she finds out that the pawnshop has another interested buyer, meeting up with the person in question to strike a deal.

Ian (Adam Woodyatt) isn’t keen on such a move but Cindy is adamant that this will pay off, attempting to ease his concerns by revealing that the other interested party is also a former resident of Walford.

The development in question has got tongues wagging, with EastEnders fans desperately trying to work out who this mysterious character is. Are we set to see the return of another former mainstay?

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It certainly seems that way and fans are convinced that they’re worked out who exactly it will be.



‘DAVID WICKS OMG I’ll BE SOOO HAPPY,’ exclaimed one viewer, while another added: ‘Please let it be David Wicks’.

David Wicks, as viewers will recall, was last seen in 2014, though his initial stint in the Square during the mid-nineties saw him embark on an affair with Cindy, who was married to Ian at the time.

In typical EastEnders fashion, chaos ensued.

If this theory is correct and David does, in fact, turn out to be the mystery returnee then you can understand why Cindy has refrained from revealing his identity to Ian!

Cindy Beale with David Wicks in EastEnders
Cindy previously had an affair with David Wicks (Picture: BBC)

While David seems like the obvious choice, he isn’t the only character in the mix, with a number of other fans believing that Cindy’s new business partner could, in fact be Simon ‘Wicksy’ Wicks – David’s brother – who she famously cheated on Ian with in the eighties.

Away from Cindy’s former flames, Max Branning’s name was also mentioned by a few viewers as a possible return, as was Dean Wicks.

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