EastEnders fans spot vital clue about Christmas murder as they work out the real weapon

It has sparked an interesting new theory among EastEnders fans

EASTENDERS fans have been left assured that they have discovered the identity of the REAL Christmas murder weapon as part of the show’s popular The Six storyline.

Eagle-eyed fans believe that the show has already featured the item used to kill the mystery man this Christmas Day in a recent episode.

Could Avani's vase be used to kill off a character this Xmas?
Could Avani’s vase be used to kill off a character this Xmas?Credit: BBC
Fans think its heavy featuring could see it play a major part in the show
Fans think its heavy featuring could see it play a major part in the showCredit: BBC

It is all thanks to the Panesar family with many thinking that newcomer Priya, played by Sophie Khan Levy, and her beloved vase could hold some significance.

So far, fans know that six of Walford’s leading ladies will find themselves implicated in a murder at The Vic this holiday season.

However, recent speculation has seen fans predict that it won’t actually be one of The Six to kill off the character.

With Sharon appearing to say “he’s dead” in the direction of no one in the February flashback episode, fans think she is actually speaking to the real killer whose identity is unknown.

So, could Priya actually be the killer?

BBC viewers saw Priya clash with Suki after Nish invited her to stay with the family.

Nish already appears to have taken a shining to his former daughter in law and it has sparked rumours of an affair for the two.

Upon their arrival, Ravi and Priya’s secret daughter Avani was seen clutching a vase which she explained had sentimental value to her.

She told her father that it was an item they held dear amid their turbulent upbringing and money woes.

Upon placing it in the Panesar household, Suki was not too fond of the item and quickly hit it away which led Priya to move it back to deliberately annoy her.

The show appeared to place significant emphasis on the vase which led many to wonder if it held significance and if it could be used as the murder weapon.

Taking to X – formerly Twitter – many fans shared their theories on the vase and that Nish could be the one to wind up dead, potentially at the hands of Priya or one of the other six women.

One wrote: “That vase is the the vase that will be used to kill who I think will be “ish.”

Another penned: “That vase is going to end up round someone head.”

A third said: “Does anyone think that vase is going to be used to hit someone over the head with?”

Before a fourth agreed: “Oooh!!! Didn’t even think of that, makes sense why they always bring attention to it.”

Could Nish be killed this Xmas?
Could Nish be killed this Xmas?Credit: BBC
Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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