EastEnders fans terrified for struggling Jay Brown as he’s kicked out of the family after prostitute revelations

EASTENDERS fans are terrified for Jay Brown after he was kicked out of the Mitchell family over his drug taking and prostitute romps.

The car salesman – who is played by actor Jamie Borthwick in the BBC soap – has been struggling to cope since wife Lola’s death earlier this year.

Jay Mitchell has been struggling with a drug problem

Jay Mitchell has been struggling with a drug problemCredit: BBC
He has struggled to cope with the death of his partner Lola Pearce

He has struggled to cope with the death of his partner Lola PearceCredit: BBC

He turned to drugs and a Lola-lookalike prostitute called Nadine to help but has been neglecting stepdaughter Lexi.

Now kicked out of his home by Ben, Jay was found sleeping in the car lot today by Billy Mitchell.

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Billy tried his best to help and called a meeting so they could all come together for Lola.

As Billy lashed out at Ben for not supporting Jay, he asked him if he was sick while Jay stood there silent.

Ben was furious and decided it was time that Billy knew the truth.

“We promised Lola just like he did,” he said.

“But how did he keep it by sleeping with a prostitute who was flogging him drugs?”

However, at that moment Lexi walked in and heard everything and when Jay went to speak to Lexi Billy grabbed him and dragged him out of the pub.

“Will you just let me talk to Lex,” Jay pleased but Billy was furious.

He forgot all the kind words he had said before, insisting that Jay would never lose him – and he cast him out.

“All that crap about mourning my Lola,” raged Billy.

Jay hit back: “I’m her dad. I’m still family. Remember I’m still family. You said I would never lose you. That is what you said.”

“Just go Jay,” said Billy as Jay walked off alone and fans are terrified for him.

One wrote: “Jay needs help. The way he’s being treated.”

A second said: “‘Don’t push it Jay’, he’s already on the edge?”

Another added: “Not everyone turning on Jay.”


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