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EastEnders fans work out explosive cufflink twist to Christmas Day murder

As speculation reaches fever pitch, a fan theory could share a game-changing twist

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EASTENDERS fans have been left convinced that the occupier of the cufflinks will be the clue that holds the Christmas Day murder together.

Fans have watched on for months on the BBC soap opera at every twist and turn during The Six storyline.

Who won't survive this Christmas?

Who won’t survive this Christmas?Credit: BBC
There is a killer among the Walford women

There is a killer among the Walford womenCredit: BBC

Viewers know that either Linda Carter, Sharon Watts, Stacey Slater, Kathy Beale, Denise Fox or Suki Panesar will kill off one of the Walford men.

As the big reveal draws closer, all eyes are on the seven men who have been placed in the frame as to who the dead body will be.

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Right from the very start, viewers have known that the mystery victim is wearing a precious set of cufflinks but they have managed to make their way around the Albert Square men over the course of the year.

In a game-changing twist, some fans think that there are actually two sets of cufflinks, meaning that who we believe to currently own them might not necessarily be the one to find themselves meeting a grisly end this winter.

One fan has penned their explosive theory which would see Nish Panesar, the original owner of the cufflinks, dead despite him no longer owning the set seen on-screen.

Instead, they think he will have another pair and the cufflinks being passed around Walford is merely a distraction tactic from heim being the one to wear them and ultimately seal his demise.

Writing at length, the EastEnders superfan said: “I’m sure there’s significance to the men that were first seen with the cufflinks prior to Christmas Day.

“They obviously started with Nish, which could point to him being the first victim. I think it’s likely he’ll just have another pair of the same set.”

They went onto theorise: “Nish gave them to Rocky, which feels significant actually given everything that’s gone on between them.

“This could signify how Nish is the victim and how Rocky will take the wrap for his death.

“This would align very well with Kathy killing Nish as he fights both Jack and Rocky on Christmas Day. Rocky frames himself for the murder, to protect Kathy.”

Viewers do not have much longer to wait to see how the hotly-anticipated storyline will draw to a close.

The show will air a special late-night hour-long episode where all the drama will finally unfold this Christmas Day at 9:45pm.


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