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EastEnders Jay’s tragic downfall ‘sealed’ as he steals drugs from Gina in dark scenes

BBC EastEnders fans are concerned for Jay Brown after he was seen fighting to win back his place as Lexi’s dad but caved to temptation when left alone with Gina’s Ketamin loot

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EastEnders fans are predicting a major downfall for Jay Brown after he was seen stealing drugs from Gina Knight.

The troubled widower has been battling substance abuse since the tragic death of his wife, Lola, earlier this year, after taking Ketamin and sleeping with a prostitute who reminded him in Lola. But Tuesday’s episode (October 24) had fans very concerned after he was refused entry to see Lola’s daughter, Lexi, by Ben and Callum. He immediately scored more drugs but was paid a visit by Gina at the office, where he has been living.

After insisting he give up the drugs to her and take a hot shower at her house, he agreed, and made a compassioned plea to Ben, Callum and Lexi to forgive him. Later that night as Gina was sleeping, he began rummaging through her coat pocket and found the ketamin she had taken, before the episode ended.


EastEnders fans are predicting a major downfall for Jay Brown after he was seen stealing drugs from Gina Knight (Image: BBC)

“Jay is really hitting rock bottom now,” said one fan. “Jay struggling to hold it together is so sad to see and true to life..everyone deals with grief differently there is no easy way,’ penned a second.

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A third added: “#Eastenders you can see where this is going for Jay, he’s going to spiral out of control as a drug addict,” and “Jay taking drugs just like Ben did during his downward spiral last year. Oh dear.”

Jay stole drugs from gina (Image: BBC)

Karen eyed a smitten Whitney and Zack as they excitedly prepared for the next stage of their fostering process and later tried to pull on Zack’s heartstrings in an attempt to help get Keanu access to Albie. After Keanu and Zack had an emotional conversation, Zack reasoned that he was a good dad and later managed to persuade Sharon to put Keanu’s name on Albie’s birth certificate.

Elsewhere, Priya and Suki continued to irritate each other as Nish gave Priya a job in the Minute Mart. Cindy regretted her actions as Anna avoided her and attempted to make peace by inviting Elaine to lunch.

Jay tried to explain himself to Lexi (Image: BBC)

At Walford East, it was icy between the pair, but the women soon thawed to each other in an attempt to unite for the girls. Later, after some encouraging words from Elaine, Anna headed to No.45, and Cindy was delighted to be back on track with her daughter

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