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EastEnders legend addresses future on the soap after sparking rumours he was being killed off

The actor has revealed what kind of exit he wants

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EASTENDERS legend Jamie Borthwick has shut down speculation he is leaving the soap.

The actor, 29, sent fans wild last week when he hinted that his character – Jay Brown – had been killed off.

Fans didn't know if Jay was going to survive

Fans didn’t know if Jay was going to surviveCredit: BBC
Jamie has been teasing fans about his character's fate

Jamie has been teasing fans about his character’s fate

But last night, he shared a meme of Leonardo DiCaprio with the words ‘I’m not dead’.

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During last night’s show, Jay was brought round from his coma following his car crash.

Fans of the BBC soap have watched in despair as Jay’s life appeared to crumble before his eyes over the past weeks.

In agony at the heartbreaking loss of his wife Lola, he has turned to drugs to seek comfort.

Last week, after yet another drug binge, Jay put his life at risk by getting behind the wheel of a car while high – and fans feared he had died.

Adding fuel to the fire, Jamie – , who joined the soap in 2006 –  shared a picture of himself as a child star and wrote: “RIP Jay, gonna miss you lad. We had a laugh didn’t we.”

Speaking earlier this year about a potential exit, Jamie told the Daily Star: “Well, I can’t do any better than hers (Danielle Harold), can I? So fine, kill me off.

“In the monologue which I say to her [before she dies], I say I’ll be a rat and you can be a fox, and then there’s going to be a clip.

“I will sacrifice never coming back to EastEnders again just so we can have a fox and a rat rummaging through the bins as my final clip.

“I would sacrifice that for this soap, that’s how giving I am. Kill me off just for that, I don’t need to work ever again just for that, for that one scene.”

Jay has been using drugs after Lola's death

Jay has been using drugs after Lola’s death
He joined the soap in 2006

He joined the soap in 2006


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