EastEnders’ Nish ‘remembers everything’ as fans ‘rumble’ his deadly revenge plan

EastEnders' Nish has woken up from his coma and despite claiming not to remember the events that unfolded on Christmas Day fans reckon he's lying and is getting ready for revenge

EastEnders fans reckon Nish Panesar “remembers everything” about how he ended up in the coma – and is plotting his revenge.

The Walford villain was almost killed on Christmas Day by The Six. But in a huge twist, it was Keanu Taylor who ended up getting killed off from the BBC One soap.

However Nish didn’t walk away unscathed. After wife Suki vowed to end their marriage, he turned violent and started to drag her out of the Queen Vic. In a bid to stop him, Denise attacked him.

Nish has since been in a coma ever after it was confirmed he had survived the attack. And in Tuesday’s episode (January 9) the bad guy woke up – and demanded to speak to Suki.

Fans reckon Nish remembers everything from Christmas Day
Fortunately, he told her he couldn’t recall anything from Christmas Day. Trying to cover their tracks, Suki told him that it was Keanu who attacked him and he then fled Walford.

In reality, Keanu was murdered by Linda as he attempted to strangle Sharon to death at the Vic. Now, fans reckon Nish is lying to Suki and does indeed remember what happened. And some reckon a surprise death could be on the cards.

Nish woke up from his coma

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On X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: “Nish remembers everything or so he says he does.” Someone else mused: “Anyone else get the feeling Nish is going to kill Vinny soon? That episode gave me vibes like a surprise death is coming.”

A third quipped: “One thing for sure is that Nish is going to make all their lives as hellish as possible.” Another wrote: “Nish is lying.”

Nish was attacked by Denise (Image: BBC)

A fifth said: “Nish definitely knows more than he will admit. He will probably start sending random threats to all six women.”

Elsewhere in the episode, one of The Six, Sharon, fled the square following the murder of Keanu. Without telling her pals, she was seen with son Albie at the tube station.

She then told her tot that they were heading on an aeroplane. Stacey was later shocked to find out from Zack that Sharon had gone away to Australia for a while.

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