EastEnders’ Priya shares dark secret about past with Ravi – as abused Suki hits breaking point


NEW EastEnders character Priya Nandra-Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) has revealed a huge secret to Ravi about the truth behind her disappearance.

The Walford hunk was left stunned when his ex and mother to his missing son, Nugget, arrived on Albert Square unexpectedly.

Ravi was left reeling over Priya's revelations

Ravi was left reeling over Priya’s revelationsCredit: BBC

She confessed all in an emotional chat

She confessed all in an emotional chatCredit: BBC

He was left even more flawed when she revealed that he had a secret daughter too who he had no idea about for the past 14 years.

The bombshell revelations shook Ravi to the core as he struggled to come to terms with everything he was being told.

He was already reeling from the prospect of his son telling the Police about his murderous ways after Nugget discovered that his dad had killed Ranveer, his adoptive grandfather.

Now on the Square, Priya had a few home truths of her own to dish out to Ravi.

Unveiling a dark secret, she told him that it was actually Ranveer who made her leave Ravi and her son behind as part of a shocking plan.

Speaking to Ravi, she said: “He [Ranveer] told me I was nothing but a junkie who’d drag his family down.

“That his son could do better.”

She then added: “Didn’t stop him from trying it on with me though, did it?”

A shocked Ravi looked concerned as she told him: “I had to fight like mad, but I got away.

Next day, he put 200 quid in my hand and told me to leave.

“Said he knew people who’d bury me if I ever came back. I had no choice.

“I would’ve come back for my baby and for you. Then I found out I was pregnant and I knew I couldn’t risk losing her too.”

Ravi appeared genuinely remorseful as he said sorry for Ranveer’s actions however Priya did not believe him as she branded him a “lowlife” for selling her drugs as a young woman and taking advantage of her.

Refuting her claims, he shot back: “Took advantage? You came to me, I didn’t come to you.”

Tensions later boiled over as Priya was left storming out as Ravi clashed with her even more.

It all came as Suki was left dealing with the physical abuse she had suffered at the hands of husband Nish.

Away from the rest of the family, she headed out for a walk and decided to go to the Minute Mart while it was closed.

Once inside, she was left breaking down in tears as she collapsed to her knees as she sobbed over what had happened to her.

Nish got violent with his wife when he demanded that she tell Nugget she was lying about Ravi killing Ranveer in vile scenes.

The pair rowed over their past

The pair rowed over their pastCredit: BBC

Suki sobbed over Nish's actions

Suki sobbed over Nish’s actionsCredit: BBC

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