EastEnders shock as Priya brutally blackmails Suki Panesar over her affair

EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Suki Panesar’s affair was discovered by Priya – who set about blackmailing the businesswoman.

Viewers know Suki is trying to escape Nish to have a new life with lover Eve Unwin.

Suki is being blackmailed on EastEnders
Suki is being blackmailed on EastEnders
Priya discovered the note she left for Nish
Priya discovered the note she left for Nish

And with son Vinny finally giving her his blessing, Suki has made plans to flee, but tonight things hit a snag as Priya discovered the note she left for Nish.

And she used it to blackmail her for £2,000.

Later Priya ambushed Suki with Nish, forcing her to come up with a lie to throw him off the scent.

And then she demanded more money, insisting she would expose Suki’s affair and tell Nish that Vinny knew once she’s gone.

With no other choice, Suki agreed to hand over the cash.

Meeting Priya in the Square, she w

“You keep your mouth shut,” she said. “Not a word to Nish about Vinny, you understand?”

Accepting the cash, Priya told her: “I hope he’s worth it, this guy.”

But as they had a tense exchange, Suki got a phone call from Nish who asked her what she was up to.

“I’m just at the Minute Mart getting a few bits, I’m cooking tonight so I’ll see you at home later,” she said.

“Can’t wait,” replied Nish as it was revealed he was watching his wife and daughter in law from across the Square.

Fans are terrified for Suki with both Priya and Nish gunning for her.

One wrote: “Nish knows Suki lied & will now be suspicious of what Suki and Priya are up to”

A second said: “I really can’t stand that horrible cow, Priya.”

Another added: “I really need Priya to start to see what Nish is actually like cause this team Nish she’s got going atm is just not it tbh and I’m worried about her”


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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