EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as Denise and Linda decide to confess what happened at Christmas

The truth about The Six at Christmas is closer to coming out...

EastEnders first look comp image week 5: Denise, Kat and Linda

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Denise can’t cope any more. She decides she has to confess to Jack. But will she?

Meanwhile, Linda’s drinking continues to get out of control. And when she says too much to Alfie, will she even realise what she’s confessed?

Elsewhere, Phil is desperate to win Kat back and Denzel suffers humiliation at the hands of a local bully.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Denise falls apart


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It’s Denise‘s birthday, but she has forgotten. When the family greet her with birthday celebrations she is totally overwhelmed.



So much so, that she rushes out. Jack follows desperate to find out what’s wrong, but Denise can’t open up to him. The wedge between them deepens. However, soon scared Denise decides to confess everything to Jack…

2. Nish confronts Denise



Nish breaks into the Slater house to confront Stacey, but Jack saves her. Nish then tells Denise about their run in.



It’s the day of baby Charli’s guardianship hearing and Denise confronts Stacey about the row with Nish. Stacey convinces her it was over Suki, but freaked out Denise runs from the courtroom.

3. Denise spirals



Amy comforts a crying Denise in her sleep, but Jack is not there. Where is he? When he gets home, he is short with Denise over her absence from the court hearing.



She asks where he’s been all night, but he uses work as an excuse. Paranoid Denise thinks it might be connected to her and steals his phone to find out what he’s working on. Her grip on reality is spiralling…



It’s not long before Denise goes to The Vic’s fortune teller night and the other women are concerned by her appearance. But that’s nothing compared to when she gets on stage, hoping to get some answers.



Stacey and Kathy watch on in horror, but can they stop Denise spilling the beans? Will she reveal their secret to the packed pub?

4. Stacey pressures Suki



Stacey tells Suki she must get the divorce deal with Nish done to keep the cafe safe from him. But he is trying to twist events and get the truth out of her.



As he tries to manipulate her, Suki wants to throw him off the scent. She shuts him down, but Nish is like a dog with a bone…



Suki later meets with Nish again who drops the bombshell he’s going back on their deal. He’s keeping all the businesses and she’ll have to fight him in court if she doesn’t agree. Suki is faced with the choice of being trapped in her marriage or being outed in court. What will she do?

5. Alfie’s secret is out



Alfie attends one of his last radiotherapy sessions and meets a fellow patient called Shahir. But Alfie’s left feeling lonely when Shahir’s loved ones turn up and Alfie is all alone.



Linda invites Alfie for a drink in The Vic and gets Ian and Billy along too. But when Alfie can’t get to the toilet in time and has an accident he’s mortified. Linda offers him comfort and begs him to be honest with his friends about his cancer diagnosis.



Alfie gets them together again and eventually tells them everything. Ian and Billy are shocked, but vow to be there for him and support him every step of the way.

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6. Linda confesses



Linda is upset to receive a photo of Mick and Janine’s baby from Ricky. It shakes her to the core, so she hits the booze again.



Alfie finds her and takes her home to sober up. They have a heart to heart and drunk Linda says more than she should have… The next day, terrified she confessed, Linda meets Alfie and twists the truth to throw him off – but does it work?

7. Phil tries to win Kat back



Phil gives Kat a gift, but she’s not happy to see it contains money.



She tries to give it back to him, but he asks her to come home. She still can’t forgive him, though.



She goes back to Nish and the pair toast their freedom. But are they really happy about it?

8. Stacey and Jack kiss again



Grateful that Jack saved her from Nish, Stacey kisses Jack again. He responds, but then pulls away and makes a quick exit, feeling awful about betraying Denise again.

9. Denzel’s being bullied



Denzel has an altercation with bully Logan in McKlunky’s. Yolande spots Logan’s gang surrounding Denzel, but she trips up when she intervenes and the gang film her. Denzel feels awful he couldn’t protect Yolande.



When Nugget teases him, Denzel lashes out and Priya breaks them up. Later Ravi and Priya take Denzel and Nugget to the Boxing Den to learn how to channel their emotions. But will Denzel take it too far?

10. Jean grows closer to Jade



Jean and Jade spend more time together and it’s clear they are developing a bond. This pleases Dean who thinks it’s his chance to be accepted in Walford again.



However, Jean soon makes it very clear this is all for Jade and Shabnam and not for Dean. She tells him he’ll never be welcome in Walford.

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