EastEnders spoilers: Keanu horrified as child kidnap ally closes in on Sharon

Keanu at his engagement party in the pub in EastEnders
He’s worried (Picture: BBC)

Keanu Taylor’s (Danny Walters) lies are at risk of being exposed in EastEnders soon as the man involved in Albie’s recent kidnapping heads back to Walford.

Sharon (Letitia Dean) currently remains unaware Albie’s disappearance was orchestrated by Keanu, Karen (Lorraine Stanley) and her brother-in-law Malcolm, who looked after Albie while the ordeal unfolded.

When the little lad returned, Sharon and Keanu admitted they were still in love with each other and decided to reunite.

While the couple were overjoyed, Karen couldn’t help express her anger, telling Keanu that Sharon will eventually find out the truth about Albie’s kidnap.

Coming up, Mitch (Roger Griffiths) organises a birthday party for Karen in the pub, but he becomes suspicious of her cash flow when she agrees to pay for a tab.

As the party continues, Karen and Keanu are distracted when Malcolm appears and Albie takes a shine to him.

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With Karen and Keanu’s fear growing, Malcolm is having an innocent chat with Sharon, and it isn’t long until he learns about his involvement in the kidnapping.

Keanu then heads to the flat and demands Karen hands over the ransom money but she refuses.

The argument is interrupted by Mitch, who is disgusted when Karen tearfully reveals the truth.

Just like Keanu, Mitch insists that the money must be returned, but will Karen listen?

Now Malcolm knows the truth, could he be the one to tell Sharon, in order to get revenge on Karen and Keanu?


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