EastEnders spoilers: Stunned Whitney Dean discovers she’s pregnant

Whitney at her flat in EastEnders
Whitney is pregnant again (PIcture: BBC)

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) made the discovery in Monday’s (January 1) episode of EastEnders that she’s pregnant.

Earlier this year, Whitney and partner Zack (James Farrar) decided to become foster parents after the death of their daughter Peach, who had Edwards’ Syndrome.

After multiple meetings with social workers, Zack and Whitney were approved as foster parents and recently, they welcomed a young boy called Ashton to their flat.

They soon learnt that fostering wasn’t going to be easy, especially when the events of Christmas night left Ashton frightened and unable to settle.

The following day, it seemed that Zack had made a breakthrough after building a den for Ashton, and soon the pair were painting together while Whitney baked cookies.

In recent scenes, Whitney was left disappointed after learning that Ashton was being moved out of their care.

Whitney and Zack talk to foster child Ashton in EastEnders as he shows them a drawing
Whitney and Zack’s first foster child was a little boy called Ashton (Picture: BBC)

Zack was quick to point out that social services had found him a permanent home, which was a good thing for him, and that they would have to get used to seeing children pass through their doors.

In tonight’s episode, while Whitney found support by talking to Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) about Ashton leaving, Zack decided to get drunk with Martin (James Bye) at Peggy’s.

The pressure was becoming overwhelming for Zack, as he wondered what he’d be like saying goodbye to a foster child in his care for longer than little Ashton.

Elsewhere, as the Walford residents counted down to midnight and the start of 2024, Whitney was at home staring at a pregnancy test, which confirmed she’s at least four weeks pregnant.

But where does that leave Whitney and Zack, who have only just started their fostering journey?

Let’s not forget Shona McGarty will soon leave her role as Whitney Dean – what will this twist do to her upcoming exit?


Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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