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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Nish’s memory is returning as The Six are put under more pressure

Suki tries to keep it together as Nish twists the knife further

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EastEnders spoilers: Comp image of Nish and Suki

in EastEnders spoilers for tonight, Nish keeps the pressure on Suki and her friends as he claims his memory is returning. Determined to get to the truth, he gives Suki an ultimatum, but what will she decide?

Meanwhile, Dean is surprised by the arrival of Jade, but could her return get him back in favour in the Square?

Also, Kim decides not to go on the cruise after seeing how low Denise is. Can Denise persuade her otherwise?

All this in tonight’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders: Suki and Nish looking strained and amug
Suki is under pressure from Nish (Credit: BBC)

Nish wants answers

After his attempts to humiliate Suki didn’t work, Nish is still fuming. He wants revenge and he wants answers.

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Nish also doesn’t understand why Suki is so determined to keep the cafe in the divorce. So he sets about finding out exactly what is going on.

After overhearing Suki and Linda talk about the cafe and being secretive, Nish’s suspicions are further roused. He sets about talking to each of the women involved at Christmas. Denise and Linda’s behaviour soon reveals they definitely have something to hide. As Nish realises he’s closing in on the truth, he keeps pushing further.

Suki is terrified when Nish reveals his memory is returning. But is it really? And what does he know?

Nish then gives Suki an ultimatum: sign over all their businesses to him or he’ll go to the police about what he claims to remember.

Meeting the remaining Six for a panicked discussion, Suki can’t believe it as they insist she must agree to his demands to protect them.

Will Suki really agree to lose everything? Or can she find another way out of this?

Dean Wicks looks strained
Dean’s surprised by Jade’s arrival (Credit: BBC)

Jade returns in EastEnders spoilers

Dean is still sulking after Gina’s punch, but when Jade arrives unexpectedly to stay with him, he perks up. She tells him she’s sick of Shabnam fussing around her and she needs a break.

However, there’s soon an incident caused by Penny in the market. It ends with Jade having a nasty fall. Honey and Jean quickly rally round Jade to help her.

But is this Dean’s way back into the community?

Kim has a big decision to make (Credit: BBC)

Will Kim leave?

Kim is convinced Denise is experiencing PTSD after witnessing Nish nearly die in front of her. Desperate to get her sister to open up, she tackles her about her fragile state and questions her mental health. When Kim mentions Christmas, it triggers Denise who rushes off.

Kim is worried sick about her sister and decides there’s no way she can go on the cruise with Howie.

However, Denise eventually convinces her that she’s just upset over her marriage to Jack. She insists it’ll take time, but she will figure it out and that Kim must leave as planned. Will Kim go?

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