EastEnders spoilers: Whitney Dean and Zack Hudson given devastating news after new arrival

Zack and Whitney talking on the path in EastEnders
Whitney was disappointed by the news about Ashton (Picture: BBC)

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) faced upsetting news in recent EastEnders scenes, following the arrival of foster son Ashton.

Whitney and Zack decided to start fostering after losing daughter Peach earlier this year.

They were both desperate to start a family together, but Whitney’s prior experiences left her terrified of falling pregnant again, so the pair decided to foster instead.

After a number of meetings with social workers, the couple officially became foster parents, and took in a young boy called Ashton just before Christmas.

They soon learnt that fostering wasn’t going to be easy, especially when the events of Christmas night left Ashton frightened and unable to settle.

The following day, it seemed that Zack had made a breakthrough after building a den for Ashton, and soon the pair were painting together while Whitney baked cookies.

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After Ashton suffered a slight allergic reaction, Whitney was left frightened about their future as foster parents, though Zack assured her that everything would be fine.

Whitney and Zack hug as they look at Ashton in EastEnders
Whitney and Zack have grown attached to Ashton (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In recent scenes, Whitney was left disappointed after learning that Ashton was being moved out of their care.

She pointed out to Zack that she had promised Ashton that he would be able to stay with them, and that he deserved some stability in his life.

Zack was quick to point out that social services had found him a permanent home, which was a good thing for him, and that they would have to get used to seeing children pass through their doors.

Though Whitney insisted that she would find it difficult not to get attached to any of the children in their care, Zack reiterated that Ashton’s new, permanent home would be good for him.

Will Whitney be able to let go, or will Ashton’s departure prove more difficult than she’d anticipated?

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