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EastEnders teases mystery return in Cindy Beale story

Who is it?

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has teased a mystery return in Cindy Beale’s storyline.

Viewers know that Cindy and Ian are desperately trying to find the cash to get their new business off the ground.

Cindy initially hoped that she’d be entitled to half the money from the sale of George’s bar in Marbella, but has been disappointed to learnt that isn’t the case.

Despite the ongoing tensions between them all, Cindy gets a chance to reconnect with her estranged family next week when they revisit their past.

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George, Anna and Gina take a trip down memory lane when items from the bar get delivered to The Vic and Cindy attempts to join in, until emotions get the better of her.

Cindy is touched when George invites her back to The Vic once she’s ready, but she soon shows her true colours by tearing into Elaine outside.

elaine peacock, gina knight, peter beale, george knight, anna knight, eastenders


A horrified George and Anna witness her outburst and are quick to dismiss her once again.

Cindy regrets her actions when Anna avoids her, and attempts to make peace by inviting Elaine to lunch.

At Walford East, it’s icy between Elaine and Cindy as they attempt to find mutual ground.

elaine peacock, anna knight, cindy beale, ian beale, eastenders


Later in the week, Cindy meets with the other bidder for the pawnshop, where she suggests splitting their offer to go into business together.

Ian is reluctant, but Cindy asks him to trust her as the mystery buyer is an ex-resident of Walford. Who is it?

george knight, gina knight, eastenders


Later in the week, Cindy spots another opportunity to build bridges with Gina, when they learn that Jay has been in an accident.

When Gina heads to the wrong hospital in search of Jay, Cindy offers to drive her.

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