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Furious Sonia Fowler makes shock decision about IVF with Reiss in EastEnders

Sonia and Reiss' plans to build a family together are going pear-shaped.

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TRUST has been an underlying issue in Sonia Fowler’s rocky relationship with Reiss Colwell.

But as the pair embark on their IVF journey next week, the EastEnders favourite is left fuming and makes a rash decision.

Sonia and Reiss agreed to embark on an IVF journey

Sonia and Reiss agreed to embark on an IVF journeyCredit: BBC
But things don't go according to plan

But things don’t go according to planCredit: BBC
Viewers are convinced Reiss is keeping a secret

Viewers are convinced Reiss is keeping a secretCredit: BBC

Sonia and Reiss have had a shaky romance at best as the quirky character played by Jonny Freeman has been shady about his life pre-Walford.

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Earlier this year, Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) found out that he was married but, in a devastating twist, Reiss’ wife has been left bed-ridden after a horrific stroke.

In more recent scenes of the BBC One soap, the pair have decided to try and have children together following a pregnancy scare which led a sterile Reiss to believe Sonia was cheating on him.

Are they steady enough to have their own family together?

Coming up next week, the couple head to the hospital for their first round of in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Unfortunately, it’s not long before Reiss’ overbearing actions start to annoy the nurse.

In later scenes, Sonia is further irritated when Reiss attempts to administer her IVF medication, which ends in a furious row.

Overwhelmed and fuming, Sonia tells Reiss she’s not sure if their plans are really going to work.

How will Reiss react?

The character put himself in hot water to be able to fund his IVF journey with Sonia and he could land himself in plenty of more trouble in upcoming scenes, according to viewers.

Fans of the London-based drama have been speculating that, as soon as Sonia finds out her IVF attempt is successful and that she is expecting, Reiss’ wife Debbie could wake up from her comatose state.

Many viewers have theorised that he may be lying about what happened to Debbie – and he could even be responsible for her condition.

As he and Sonia made the decision to turn to IVF in August, most fans of the long-running show turned to Twitter with one penning: “I still say Reiss is lying about what happened to Debbie.”

Another agreed: “I don’t know. I still don’t like or trust Reiss.”

“Why do I feel like Reiss is using Sonia to have a baby (because he and his wife can’t) then once that baby is born, he’s about to run with it… maybe that’s why he’s always so jittery”, a third echoed.

What’s in store for the couple?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Sonia makes a huge decision about their IVF journey

Sonia makes a huge decision about their IVF journeyCredit: BBC
Little does she know what lengths Reiss went to in order to afford it

Little does she know what lengths Reiss went to in order to afford itCredit: BBC

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