How long have Suki and Eve been together in EastEnders?

Is their romance about to be exposed for good?

IT is the affair that has gripped Albert Square but just how long have Eve Unwin and Suki Panesar been together?

With their illicit relationship set to be exposed imminently, they look set to become the talk of Walford once again?

Eve and Suki have enjoyed a steamy affair

Eve and Suki have enjoyed a steamy affairCredit: BBC
What is next for their romance

What is next for their romanceCredit: BBC

Who are Eve and Suki?

Eve and Suki met one another when they both became residents of Albert Square on the BBC soap opera.

Played by Heather Pearce, Eve arrived on the Square as the surprise wife of Stacey Slater.

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Their marriage was one of convenience in order for Eve to be let out on probation and as such, she moved to live with Stacey and the Slater clan.

Suki, played by Balvinder Sopal, arrived on the show as the mother of the Panesar children.

With a husband in prison, it did not take long for her eyes to wander whilst still keeping her kids in check and the family’s sordid secrets under wraps.

Is Suki married?

Although Suki has confessed her feelings for Eve, she is in a long-term marriage to hubby Nish.

The pair have had a rocky romance with Nish’s overpowering and villainous ways often leading to them disagreeing and sometimes coming to blows.

It is clear that the pair have had an unhappy union with Suki often feeling forced to go along with Nish’s thoughts and feelings in order to protect their family.

How long have Suki & Eve been together?

Eve initially developed feeling for Suki’s lesbian daughter, Ash, in January 2022.

A month later, Eve finds herself locked in a police van with Suki where they confide in one another.

Whilst a few months pass, in June 2022 their potential affair reached new heights as Suki invited Eve for dinner and the pair bonded even further ahead of Nish’s release from prison.

They continued to spend time with one another with Suki battling her feelings for Eve.

By October, the two had shared a kiss but still refused to acknowledge anything deeper and kept their budding romance at bay.

By the end of the year, temperatures between the pair had soared and they found themselves stripping off and bedding one another in secret.

One steamy session was interrupted by Suki’s son Kheerat who was shocked at what he had seen.

Their romance cooled off upon the arrival of Nish after Suki let slip to Vinny that she and Eve were secretly together.

In order to keep it secret from Nish, Suki agreed to call things off and not speak to Eve after Vinny threatened her with an ultimatum.

Will the affair be revealed?

Eve had slowly moved on from the impossible romance but when she finally got her son Vinny’s blessing to live her life the way she wanted to, Suki crawled back to Eve, despite her being involved with another woman named Tessa.

Unable to resist their lingering chemistry, the pair could be making their way out of Walford together next week.

Sadly, some major obstacles still stand in their way – including Suki’s abusive and controlling husband Nish.

Priya is also quick to work out what is going on and threatens Suki with blackmail and demands money to keep quiet.

Suki scrambles to find the funds needed for Priya’s silence and hands her £200 from the Minute Mart till – but Priya insists on the full amount, threatening that she could still blab.

However, things go from bad to worse for Suki when Vinny closes up at The Minute Mart, blissfully unaware of his mother’s agreement with Priya.

This leads him to figure out that the tills are £200 short, thus prompting Nish to investigate the CCTV footage.

Suki and Eve are in huge danger when Nish is horrified to find footage of them kissing.

Viewers of the London-based program will remember that Nish was sent to prison for years after murdering a man he believed was having an affair with Suki.

Far from having grown and learned from his mistakes, Nish plans something huge for both Suki and Eve as he smashes up the Minute Mart in a fit of rage.

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