Karen Taylor’s EastEnders return revealed after son Keanu’s Christmas death

Karen Taylor on EastEnders

Karen Taylor is heading back to EastEnders after her son’s Christmas death.

Lorraine Stanley is set to reprise her role on the BBC soap, just weeks after she left Walford for Spain. Karen left under a cloud when she took full responsibility for the orchestrated kidnap of Albie, Sharon and Keanu’s son. She decided to leave the Square for good, taking Phil Mitchell’s money – which he gave to Sharon to pay off the kidnapper – with her.

However, new listings for the BBC soap have confirmed Karen will make her return in early February. Not much is known about her being back, or whether it will be permanent, but there’s no doubt Phil will want his money back when she returns.

She will also be heading back to Walford following the death of her son Keanu Taylor, who was killed by Linda Carter in shocking scenes on Christmas Day. No one apart from The Six know he’s dead yet – so what will Karen think when she arrives back to see he’s gone, with the women having spun a story to say he attacked Nish and fled Walford?

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Speaking about her exit from the show previously, Lorraine said: “I just want people to remember her as the best mum on the square, a heart of gold, she’d give you her last fiver and would do anything for her kids – a bit like myself.”

She also penned an emotional message to fans on social media, where she added: “Hey everyone! I’m so grateful for all of your lovely messages this past week. Thank you to Daran Little for creating the Taylors and to the BBC for giving me the opportunity to play such a fabulous character, I’ll be sad to be saying goodbye to Karen Taylor and will miss all the cast and crew at EastEnders.” However I’m looking forward to my next chapter and excited about being a jobbing Actor again and starting new ventures.”

However, she later revealed she was “struggling” to find new work. She wrote back in December: “Self tape setup in the loft, I’m so not technical but I’m proud I’ve managed to set it up all by myself, with advice on equipment by @_zack_morris. Just finished one and its hard work… I’ll get there, it’s a struggle watching yourself back & not being highly critical on yourself… just let it go & send it.” She then added “#sent,” to confirm she took the brave step of sending off her audition.

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