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Natalie Cassidy ‘talks to’ dad every day and keeps his ashes on windowsill

Natalie Cassidy was just 19-years-old when her mum passed away and her dad died in 2021 but makes sure their memories live on

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Natalie's dad died in 2021

Natalie’s dad died in 2021 

Natalie Cassidy has said that she “talks to” her dad every day and keeps his ashes on her windowsill.

The EastEnders stars’ dad passed away in April 2021 but the actress said that she makes sure his memory stays alive. The 40-year-old’s mum when she was just 19, and her bond with her dad Charles grew following this and he lived with her during his last few years.

She has now converted his room into a special space for the family to enjoy time together as well as placing his ashes on the windowsill in her living room where she likes to chat with him.

Speaking to OK!, Natalie said: “I know it might be a bit morbid for some people but he sits on the windowsill and I like to have a chat with him.”

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Natalie, her fiancé and two children moved into their current house four and a half years ago and Natalie’s dad went with them. She said: “My dad was with us because his health started to deteriorate and I didn’t want him to be living on his own any more. I decided to bite the bullet and find somewhere with an annexe, so that Dad was still with us, but could also be independent and have his own space.”

Charles had multiple medical issues before he passed away and Natalie said she knew when the end was close. She said she had a “gut feeling” that he would pass away soon and within a week he had died. She was by her dad’s side when he died and said that it was “very peaceful”.

Charles’ room now features games, a pool table, and her daughters’ toys. They still refer to the room as “grandad’s” where she and the girls collect feathers in a glass box which brings Natalie comfort.

Natalie opened up about how her dad’s death made her realise “how much our bodies mean nothing”. She said that “once your soul goes, it’s just an empty shell” and that we shouldn’t worry about how we look or try to impress people.


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