Not a fan! EastEnders star Letitia Dean tells Karen to ‘f*** off’ with prop

Letitia Dean holding a fan with the words 'f*** off Karen', while Lorraine Stanley points and sticks her tongue out on set at EastEnders
The prop was very appropriate for their current storyline! (Picture: Instagram / Lorraine Stanley)

EastEnders legend Letitia Dean is a big fan (get it?) of keeping cool on set, and her latest prop is extremely appropriate given her recent storyline.

Actress Lorraine Stanley, who plays Karen Taylor on the BBC soap, has been taking to social media recently to share pictures of the Sharon Watts’ star’s array of fans – almost all of which have contained some rather strong language!

Her latest fan has got us all wheezing with laughter, as it perfectly encapsulates Sharon’s feelings toward Karen in recent scenes.

The phrase written on the fan, ‘F*** off Karen,’ is exactly what we imagine Sharon would have said in last night’s (November 9) episode, had EastEnders not been a pre-watershed show!

Viewers will know that Karen and Sharon have never had the best relationship, but Sharon was keen to bury the hatchet with her boyfriend’s mum after Albie’s kidnapping ordeal.

What Sharon doesn’t know is that Karen was actually in on Albie’s disappearance, having been the person Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) turned to for help after fabricating the lie that Albie had been kidnapped.

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In last night’s dramatic episode, which saw Peter and Bobby Beale (Thomas Law and Clay Milner Russell) left fighting for their lives, Karen and Sharon sat down together for a cup of tea, and it seemed as though they were finally going to put their bad blood behind them.

However, Karen couldn’t resist making snide comments about the length of Sharon’s relationships, leaving them back at square one.

Later, Sharon reported back to Keanu, revealing that it was clear that Karen still didn’t approve of their relationship.

She pointed out that she thought everything that had happened with Albie would have put things into perspective, but clearly she was wrong.

With Karen set to leave the show in the near future, we can’t help but wonder if Sharon will be pleased to see her go…

Perhaps she’ll even utter a phrase similar to the one on Letitia Dean’s fan!

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