Phil Mitchell is ‘back’ and EastEnders viewers are thrilled

Phil's on the warpath

Phil bursting into the Taylors' house on EastEnders; inset, soap logo (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

ans of EastEnders have been rejoicing at the ‘return’ of Phil Mitchell as the soap icon showed his menacing side again last night.

This week’s episodes have seen Phil attempting to uncover the truth behind Albie’s kidnapping – having realised that Keanu and Karen faked the whole thing.

Realising that the Taylors had scammed him out of the £50k ransom money he’d paid, Phil tracked the money down to Karen’s house.

He then revealed the truth to Sharon and the shocked onlookers at The Vic.

Phil bursts through the Taylors' front door on EastEnders
Phil was on the warpath (Credit: BBC)

Phil’s on the warpath as the truth about Albie’s kidnapping is revealed

However, Keanu managed to talk himself out of trouble, claiming that he had no idea what Karen had done.

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She shouldered the blame for their actions – and soon found herself on the receiving end of Phil’s wrath.

And, as a crazed Phil demanded his money back, fans were left thrilled by the return of Phil’s more menacing side.

Smashing down the front door of the house, Phil terrorised Karen and the family, leaving her in fear for her son’s life.

Phil looks angry while Keanu stands in the background, sheepishly
Phil wants his money back (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans celebrate as ‘scary’ Phil returns

As the episode aired, EastEnders fans shared their glee at the return of Phil’s scary side.

Fans had previously worried that the EastEnders icon might have gone soft – so his red-faced warpath had viewers rubbing their hands with glee.

“THIS is the type of EastEnders I miss. Absolutely love for the drama Phil causes,” one fan enthused.

“I’ve missed angry Phil!” said another.

“When Phil kicked the door in and screamed TAYLORRRRRRR. Absolute pure THEATRE. Best EastEnders in years,” said a third viewer.

“I’ve missed angry Phil so much – welcome home babes,” wrote a fourth.

Are you happy to see Phil kicking down doors and taking names again?


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