Sister Wives: Christine Brown Flaunts Huge Development Of Her New Utah Home!

Christine Brown hasn’t had a dull moment in her life ever since her divorce from Kody Brown. The Sister Wives star became the happiest version of herself after breaking ties with the Brown family patriarch. The celeb regained faith in love after finding David Woolley. Now the new couple has been planning to walk the aisle soon. They exchanged rings at the beginning of the year and even bought a new home. Christine and David reportedly bought a new property in Utah. The former TLC star has been showing a glimpse of recent developments in her home to the fans. No, Christine is all about spreading positivity, as the network recently shared the intense new teaser for the new season. Here is what’s going on in her new home!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Flaunts Her Utah Home After Intense Season 18 Teaser!

TLC has recently shared a glimpse of Sister Wives Season 18 with the fans. The clip featured the patriarch seeing his entire family falling apart. It started with a heated conversation between Kody and his spouses, including Janelle and Meri. Other than this, Robyn also had a breakdown after watching the entire family crumble apart. However, Christine and Kody had limited conversation in the teaser. The former wife made it clear to her husband that she didn’t care about anything. She told him that it would be a total waste if he couldn’t look back at their bond with a sense of humor. Moreover, she also had an intense conversation with Janelle in the clip. The latter informed Christine that she didn’t want to be married.

Recently, Christine shared an update on her new home after the trailer showcased some negativity. The reality TV celeb took some pictures of her new concrete driveway at her Utah Home to shed light on some positivity. Apparently, it was a collaboration post with the construction company that made the structure. Further, the Sister Wives celeb stated that they have the most beautiful driveway. Christine shared a glimpse of the customized concrete driveway. Fans were happy to see that the celeb was focussing all the good things in her life. Meanwhile, some others couldn’t take their eyes off the beautiful mountains behind her residence.

Sister Wives: Christine Bought Her $770,000 Utah Home With David!

Christine Brown has moved on after her toxic marriage with her polygamous husband, Kody. She appears to be living her best life with the man of her dreams, David Wolley. Surprisingly, the reality TV celeb recently bought her new home with her fiance for $770,000

. Well, it is unclear who made the downpayment, but they are quite excited about this new change. Christine has been showing off the development of her home on social media. Previously, she flaunted her backyard to the fans. Later, she came up with a new idea to make her front yard “snow free.”


Christine went ahead with the xeriscape to make the yard look beautiful with less irrigation. She also asked her fans about some plantation ideas for her garden as per the climate in Utah. Well, the celeb is certainly very excited to welcome her kids and grandkids to her new place in Lehi. Want to know about her new home?

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