‘Sister Wives’ Kids Love Lives: Who Kody Brown’s Children Are Dating

Their next chapters! Kody Brown‘s children have sparked romances of their own as the plural family was thrown into the TLC spotlight.

The Wyoming native married Meri Brown in 1990, and the twosome welcomed their only child, Leon, five years later. Kody went on to enter spiritual unions with Janelle Brown and Christine Brown in 1993 and 1994, respectively.

Janelle and the Utah native each welcomed six children with Kody over the years. In 2014, the businessman divorced Meri in order to legally wed fourth wife Robyn Brown and adopt her three children from her previous marriage: David Dayton, Aurora Alice and Breanna Rose. The couple share two children of their own: Solomon Kody and Ariella May.

The Sister Wives patriarch remained spiritually married to Meri, but a major shift occurred in the family in November 2021. Christine and Kody announced via social media that they had called it quits after more than two decades together.

As the big brood adjusted to their new dynamic, the former couple’s son, Paedon, opened up about how his family life impacted his perspective on relationships. In February 2022, the reality TV star exclusively told Us Weekly that he isn’t interested in being non-monogamous.

“I’ve known it since I was, like, 7. I’ve known it for most of my life,” he explained. “That is not the life I want to live. … If you think it’s right for you, go for it.”

At the time, Paedon told Us that his parents never tried to “force” a certain lifestyle on their kids. “They have been supportive in just about everything we’ve done,” he said. “[Leon] coming out, they were very supportive. Me joining the army, they were very supportive. … To the best of my memory, I have never been pushed toward [polygamy] — toward anything.”

The former National Guard member also shared an update on Christine’s mindset post-split. “She’s honestly done with [plural marriage], and that’s OK,” he told Us. “She’s grateful for the sister wives. I think it’s the same thing for the kids. We’re all grateful for it, she’s grateful for it, but it’s just not for us and just not for her anymore.”

While the end of her relationship with Kody shook up the Brown family, Christine remained close with Janelle. The women reunited in October 2022 when Janelle’s son Logan tied the knot with Michelle Petty in Arizona.

“My kids. And the new bride and groom,” the proud mom captioned an Instagram upload with her son at the time. “Some of us are already sweating from the legendary Brown family dancing at events.”

Scroll down for a closer look at Kody’s children’s love lives:

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