Sister Wives: Season 18 Teaser Unveils The Final Face-Off Between Christine & Kody Before Divorce!

Fans of the Sister Wives show are completely aware of the cracks in the Brown family. All the wives except Robyn Brown have left the patriarch, Kody Brown. However, viewers of the show will get to see it all unfold in the upcoming season. TLC has just released the first glimpse of Season 18, and viewers can’t wait. Christine Brown was among the first wives of Kody Brown, who put a stop to their polygamous marriage. But viewers are still looking for the answers to their questions about their divorce. Now it appears that the network showcases the final face-off between Christine and Kody before they parted ways permanently. How did the showdown go?

Sister Wives: Christine Shows Kody The Truth Of Their Marriage In Their Final Clash!

The last few seasons of the show have featured the crumbling marriages of Kody Brown. Christine was the first among the Sister Wives who called it quits with the patriarch. The reality TV celeb has been making herself her priority these days. The teaser of the TLC show has shed light on the other two wives coming out of their polygamous marriage, too. Most of the clip had Janelle and Meri coming to this conclusion. Christine was also spotted talking to her ex-husband in the trailer.

In the clip, Christine and Kody appear to be out for a one-on-one session. Although the conversation and purpose of the same was not clear. However, they seem to be having their showdown before their divorce. Christine was seen telling Kody that it was a waste that he couldn’t look back at their bond with a sense of humor. Speculations say that the TLC star might be giving her husband a taste of his own medicine, reminding him of his injustices.

Later, Kody was saying to the camera that he was not laughing. Further, the reality TV celeb claimed that he was not laughing there and he wouldn’t laugh at her leaving. Fans quickly started sharing their opinions about Christine having a hard conversation with Kody. One fan claimed that Christine leaving was probably the hardest hit to the family as she was the family.

Sister Wives: Kody Realizes What He Has Lost After All Three Wives Called It Quits!

The Sister Wives franchise has been entertaining the audience for years. It has documented Kody Brown’s polygamous family with his four wives, Janelle, Robyn, Meri, and Christine. Well, they often have their sets of ups and downs as the entire family mostly caters to Kody’s wishes and decisions. Hence, the family turned chaotic in the past years as the plural marriage started suffocating the wives. The trailer for Season 18 features

how Kody Brown realized his mistakes after all his wives started leaving him one by one.



Moreover, the reality TV celeb called himself the devil for ruining the family dynamics. Further, he stated that he had done everything he could to do what was right. Fans are excited to see this new side of Kody in the upcoming episodes. Want to know more about the forthcoming season of the TLC show?

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