What Connects Pat Butcher and Kathy Beale?

This is my all time favorite programme on Television. The writers are amazing and the actors and actresses are so special and talented. I thought that once Janine and Mick were gone what would happen? Will the show still be fabulous.? Truth is those writers did not miss one step and I cannot remember those actors although they are both so talented. Good luck to them. In these hard times of War …Tough Economy…etc. you need something to pick you up. Well this show does that..gives you something to look forward to every day. No matter what it’s a piece of sunshine. The two love birds getting married are a hit with everyone…just lovely talented special people. The Madame is beautiful. A special mention to the Actress who plays Karin in the Laundry. What an actress. She never misses and wouldn’t she be good in a Shakespeare Production? She can play anything. I do wish they could spiff her up a bit. Many thanks for this show.

I appreciate the effort you put into making this video, thank you!

Nice little tidbit where the carriage was the same as the one Pat and Frank were drawn by

What connects Pat Butcher and Kathy Beals? answer; Pete Beale. Both were married to him.

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Both married to Pete Beale.

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