Which Sister Wives Ex Does Kody Brown Have The Best Chance Of Reconciling With?

One of Kody Brown’s ex-wives would love to get back with him if he wants to continue practicing polyamory and return to the Sister Wives.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown had many chances to get back with some of his former partners. Kody got the reality TV gig in 2010 and immediately became famous for his living situation. He now lives with his wife, Robyn Brown, but has three ex-wives and 18 children. Kody’s relationship journey began when he first married Meri Brown in 1990. Three years later, he tied the knot with Janelle Brown, and by 1994 he had married Christine Brown. During the debut season, Kody found his fourth partner, Robyn, and sealed the deal by putting a ring on her.

Kody has had various ups and downs over the years. However, his biggest issue has been his inability to give attention to his four partners. When the 54-year-old first appeared on TV, he was certain he would make time for everyone. The same was true for his partners, who said they respected each other’s space. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned when Kody failed to find a balance between his spouses. He stopped wanting to be intimate with them while his partners became more fueled with jealousy. In January 2023, reports suggested Kody wanted to add another wife to his family. However, it doesn’t seem like a good idea for obvious reasons.

Meri Brown Would Take Kody Brown Back In A Heartbeat

Kody has three long-term partners, but Meri seems to be the only one who may take him back without hesitating. Kody and Meri tied the knot in April 1990, which means the two have over three decades of history. They have been through every possible ups and downs in that time and faced heartbreaking losses. They are each other’s first partners, which means they understand one another on a deeper level. Meri’s also softhearted and forgiving, considering she embraced the idea of polygamy for her husband. In a past interview, Meri said she would consider reconciling with Kody.

Janelle Brown Could Possibly Return To Her Ex

Kody and Janelle Brown from Sister Wives looking stressed with a forest background

Janelle may also reconcile with Kody due to mutual benefits. The 54-year-old Utah native was Kody’s second wife, and their marriage recently dissolved in 2022. The former couple have a long history and share six children. Janelle may consider getting back with Kody because she’s an independent woman who is as practical. Unlike Meri, Janelle may not have talked about her desire for reconciliation, but she wouldn’t mind doing it if it served her and her kids. Since she has a lot of common sense, she may return to Kody to make more money together. Kody and Janelle’s reconciliation could even get them their Sister Wives spin-off.

Christine Brown Is Never, Ever Getting Back Together With Kody

Sister Wives' Kody Brown and Christine Brown looking upset

Christine Brown, the 51-year-old mother of five, is least likely to reconcile with her former husband, as they have nothing left between them. The former couple had the shortest relationship and a dramatic divorce. Moreover, Christine’s fierce and stubborn, and won’t change her mind now. While Kody and Christine’s relationship ended in 2021, the latter recently appeared in a public event and still had some negative things to say. According to an eyewitness (via The Nerd Stash), Christine talked smack about Kody. She also said some things about her former husband’s other wives and how toxic her relationship was. Christine is now in a relationship with David Wooley.

Kody is with his fourth wife, Robyn, and the two are still going strong. However, it has been speculated that the couple will eventually break up soon. In Sister Wives: One on-One, the 44-year-old Utah native made it clear that she loves the polygamous setting of her relationship. However, since Kody has no other partners, it may become a big problem for them in the coming years. Robyn has stated that she can’t be in a monogamous marriage anymore. Therefore, she’d expect Kody to find another partner and continue with polygamy. If Kody fails to do so, it wouldn’t just impact his relationship with Robyn but may also impact the show.

For now, the best bet for Kody is to find a new partner or reconcile with one of his former wives. Unfortunately, it may be tough for Kody, as he isn’t in his prime. When Kody met Robyn, he was in his early 40s and was pretty charming. However, years of family stress have aged him, and he may be unable to woo another woman. If Meri returns, Sister Wives may regain some charm and save Kody’s relationship with Robyn. If not, it will be difficult for the network to continue giving Kody more reasons to tell his story and renew Sister Wives for season 19.




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