Yolande Trueman hiding shock secret from Patrick in EastEnders

Could Yolande's secret be harmful to her relationship with Patrick?

YOLANDE Trueman came back to Walford earlier this year and rekindled her connections in Albert Square.

However, in upcoming EastEnders scenes, it becomes clear to Denzel Danes that she’s keeping a huge secret from Patrick Trueman.

Yolande is keeping a secret from Patrick Trueman
Yolande is keeping a secret from Patrick TruemanCredit: BBC
Denzel realises what she's up to
Denzel realises what she’s up toCredit: BBC
Her connection with Pastor Clayton is raising concerns
Her connection with Pastor Clayton is raising concernsCredit: BBC

What is Yolande Truman (played by Angela Wynter) up to?

After several years of absence due to her living a new life in Birmingham, the beloved character came back to the Square in August, 2023.

Soon after she came back, her former partner Anton tried to win her over again only to find out that she’d rekindled her relationship with beloved Walford resident Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker).

Eventually, the pair were able to get rid of Anton, blackmailing him about a sum of money he stole and threatening to turn him into the authorities.

In scenes due to air on BBC One, however, the possibility of Yolande keeping her own devious deeds under wraps becomes more likely.

Coming up, the Walford teens decide to have an NYE party, and one of them steals a case of beer from the Minute Mart.

However, when Patrick and Yolande come to check on them, the teens are mortified to realise the stolen beer is alcohol-free.

Yolande agrees to keep the theft a secret, in exchange for a favour.

Later on, Yolande orders the Walford teens to deliver church leaflets in exchange for her silence about the stolen beer from NYE.

Her request seems innocent but Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) is alarmed when it’s suggested that there’s something going on between Yolande and Pastor Clayton.

Denzel thus reluctantly agrees to help at Pastor Clayton’s soup kitchen.

Unfortunately, after he misconstrues a situation between the Pastor and Yolande, he deliberately tips hot curry on him.

How will Yolande react?

Will she reveal what she is really up to?

This wouldn’t be the first time Yolande is keeping secrets as, upon her comeback, it was revealed her former partner Anton had been up to no good.

When he rocked up Walford in the hopes of winning Yolande over again, she told Patrick that he had managed to steal from the church after she innocently gave him a password to a safe, which he had tricked her into.

Anton blackmailed Yolande, telling her he would cause her trouble if she walked away from him.

This prompted Patrick to take action and urge him to leave her alone if he didn’t want to face legal troubles.

Could Yolande be just as mischievous as Anton?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Yolande later helps Whitney Dean with her own issues
Yolande later helps Whitney Dean with her own issuesCredit: BBC
But could she be getting ready to betray Patrick?
But could she be getting ready to betray Patrick?Credit: BBC
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