Zack Hudson makes chilling discovery as nephew Albie is kidnapped in EastEnders

The toddler's disappearance rocks Albert Square

THINGS are on the right track for Zack Hudson as he gets ready to have his own family with Whitney Dean.

However, his happiness is paused next week in EastEnders when his nephew Albie gets kidnapped and he makes a shock discovery.

Halloween comes to the Square next week
Halloween comes to the Square next weekCredit: BBC
Zack Hudson gets a fright when his nephew Albie Watts is kidnapped
Zack Hudson gets a fright when his nephew Albie Watts is kidnappedCredit: BBC
Who is responsible?
Who is responsible?Credit: BBC

After losing a daughter with Whitney Dean, the chef played by James Farrar is keen to have the family of his dreams.

However, when his partner revealed she wouldn’t be able to cope with another pregnancy, the couple decided it was best for them to look into fostering children.

All appears to be taking shape for the lovebirds but with Halloween coming to the BBC One soap next week, there’s a huge scare in store for Zack and, more particularly, his sister Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean).

Coming up, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) asks Sharon if he can take Albie out before they leave for Abu Dhabi, but she says there isn’t time.

Meanwhile, Dorian Gates (Luke J I Smith) arrives and threatens Sharon when she refuses to pay him his finder’s fee for the Pub, Pint and Fight event.

Sharon’s handling the situation until an impulsive Keanu steps in and throws his weight around.

Keanu’s meddling sends Sharon into a rage and she makes it known that she is not happy with him.

In later scenes, Sharon waits for Dorian to return and is surprised to discover Keanu is there to back her up.

Dorian arrives flanked by heavies to collect his cash and warns Sharon that if she goes to the police, he knows where she and Albie live.

In later scenes, Keanu goes to Sharon’s to pick up Albie to take him to a birthday party.

The blonde bombshell is later angry to hear from one of the other mums that Keanu made an excuse about the party to take Albie off elsewhere.

Unfortunately, her frustration turns into panic when Keanu arrives back in the Square and tells Sharon that something terrible has happened.

He quickly explains that he took Albie to the park, turned his back for a second, and he was gone in a flash.

Sharon is distraught as the police launch an investigation into Albie’s disappearance, and the residents of Walford organise a search party.

After being quizzed by the police, Keanu goes to Sharon and points out that Dorian issued a threat to her and Albie.

Horrified Sharon realises that Dorian could be behind this and tells the police, who immediately follow up on this line of enquiry.

Later at home, Sharon and Keanu are comforting each other when Zack Hudson finds a note pushed through the door demanding £50,000 for Albie’s safe return.

While the once sweet-talking and charming Dorian causes trouble for Sharon next week, neither she nor Zack have any idea that Keanu has a plan of his own.

The hunk has been determined to be more involved in Albie’s life which led his mother Karen to suggest he should trick Sharon into marrying him before taking the tot and her money from her.

But would he be bold enough to stage a kidnapping for his son Albie?

Is Dorian responsible for the child missing?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Sharon is distraught when her son vanishes
Sharon is distraught when her son vanishesCredit: BBC
But could Dorian be responsible?
But could Dorian be responsible?Credit: BBC


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